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Psychic Angelica Appears on Coast Live

Date 4/19/2024

Psychic Angelica on Coast Live

Psychic Angelica on Coast Live

12/22/2023, Norfolk, VA - In an eye-opening segment on WTKR's Coast Live morning show, Psychic Source's renowned psychic, Angelica, left host Chandler Nunnally amazed with a personalized numerology reading and an unexpected connection with his grandmother. Celebrating its 35th anniversary, Psychic Source continues to stand as a beacon of spiritual guidance, offering new members a special introductory deal with the promo code “COAST”.

In a spellbinding display of her psychic talents, Angelica not only introduced viewers to the intriguing world of numerology but also demonstrated her remarkable mediumship abilities. The segment, which aired on December 22, highlighted Psychic Source's commitment to providing rigorously screened advisors who offer unparalleled psychic services. This appearance coincides with the company's milestone anniversary, marking 35 years of exceptional spiritual consultation and guidance.

Angelica's numerology reading for Nunnally, based on his birthday, offered insightful revelations and sparked curiosity among viewers about the ancient practice. Her unexpected mention of his grandmother further showcased her extraordinary mediumship skill, creating a personal and profound experience for the host and audience alike.

Psychic Source, known for its stringent advisor screening process, ensures that each session provides the best possible service. Along with its celebrated advisors, the company has also introduced a free app, making interactions with psychic guides more accessible than ever.

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Heavenleigh: Glad to hear about Angelica as I have used her in the past and found her to be most accurate.

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