"Boyhood" and Linklater Top Psychic Source Oscar 2015 Predictions

Published Date 2/5/2015
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It’s a toss between ‘Boyhood’ and ‘Birdman,’ but I still sense that ‘Boyhood’ will win.

Langhorne, PA - A surprising consensus seems to be emerging in critics’ circles around Oscar 2015 predictions, as evidenced in the aggregate expert votes on the website Gold Derby. But what about the Oscar winner predictions of psychic experts endowed with clairvoyance and spiritual insights?

There must be something in the air (or the stars?) around this year’s Oscars that signals universal agreement, because in their 2015 Oscar predictions, the psychic and critical worlds appear to be in complete harmony. A case in point is psychic Arthur at Psychic Source, the most trusted psychic service since 1989, who used his intuitive gifts to come up with these best picture, director, actress and actor 2015 Oscar predictions:

Best Picture Prediction: “Boyhood”
Best Director Prediction: Richard Linklater
Best Actress Prediction: Julianne Moore
Best Actor Prediction: Eddie Redmayne

Compare these to the critics’ predictions, and they are identical in all four categories. Even the level of assuredness for each prediction overlaps. For the best actress Oscar, the experts at Gold Derby were unanimous in their votes for Julianne Moore. Arthur said she would win “hands down.” For best actor Oscar winners, the critics were split between Michael Keaton and Eddie Redmayne. Arthur said: “I actually get a close tie” between those two, “but I believe Redmayne’s performance will earn him this year’s Best Actor Oscar.”

In the best picture category, the critics favored “Boyhood,” with “Birdman” a close second. Arthur said “It’s a toss” between those two movies, but he saw “Boyhood” coming out ahead. Finally, in the Best Directory category, the critics favored both Linklater and Alejandro González Iñárritu, with Linklater leading the pack. Arthur, in an eerily similar pattern, said “it’s a close one” between those two, but “I get it’s Linklater’s unyielding 12-year commitment to his project that earns him the Best Director 2015 Oscar.”

Could all those concurring critic and psychic Oscar predictions turn out to be wrong? Anything’s possible. But with so much agreement, it’s looking like big surprises at the 2015 Oscars might be few and far between.



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