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Time to Push the Reset Button - Fall Equinox Meditation by Psychic Jenna

Date 6/12/2024
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The Autumn Equinox is upon us, giving us the unique opportunity to press the “reset” button! If you’ve been struggling with moving forward, feeling stuck, unable to move past difficult emotions or situations, or just generally having difficulty feeling overwhelmed or burned out, this Fall Equinox Meditation will help!

Fall Equinox Meditation

Fall Equinox - Time to Restore Balance

The Fall Equinox is an amazing time for growth and ascension, but specifically for restoring much needed balance. Equinox, in Latin, literally means “equal night,” and is an astronomical phenomenon during which time the Earth is neither pointed towards nor away from the sun. This results in equal amounts of daylight and darkness. This energy of balance between light and dark globally creates a unique opportunity to restore balance within us.

In addition, the Fall season itself is a time of both gratitude and abundance, as well as release and transition. We are unable to accept nor appreciate all the gifts that the universe gives to us unless we release the things that are holding us back or continuing to harm us and heal from them. Letting go of difficult emotions and energy is essential when it comes to manifestation and abundance, and you WILL notice a difference when you remove the blocks holding you back.

A lot of us have been struggling in one way or another lately. Our daily lives are stressful enough with family, love, careers, and finances, but we also have situations on a community, national, and global level that affect our energy and emotions. If you’re empathic or intuitive, you’re likely picking up and feeling this collective energy in the community around you in addition to your own personal struggles.

Fall Equinox Meditation

Move Past Your Personal Blocks This Autumn

Most of us have a great deal of stresses, anxieties, troubles, and struggles in our own lives that can also feel like invisible and insurmountable barriers. There are times where we feel powerless to our anxieties and fears, or trapped by grief, despair, negativity, anger, or pain. If you’ve been having trouble breaking past barriers or moving forward, feeling like life has an endless obstacle course in store for you, the Autumnal Equinox is the PERFECT time to restore much needed balance in your life, as well as create the environment necessary for you to grow and move past your personal blocks.

The burdens we carry weigh us down. The stresses of our daily lives and the situations we encounter take their toll on us emotionally, mentally, and physically. While we are resilient in nature and endure; we do succeed and move past our struggles, yet they do still affect us both while we’re dealing with them and afterwards. When we carry pain, grief, anger, resentment, sadness, and fear, we attract more of the same, which is why we often find ourselves caught in the same spirals and situations over and over again.

Whether your struggles are in love, romance, finances, career, family, health, or a combination of them all, the difficulties we face often do not cease when the problem itself is no longer present. You may feel depressed and alone long after a short-lived romance ends, or you may be feeling burnout even though your workload has decreased or improved. You may feel empty even though you’ve succeeded in your career, or anger towards your partner when there aren’t any current problems. That residual negative energy lingers even if problems are not currently present – which is why it’s important to purposefully remove it.

Thankfully, you can effectively break this cycle and feel immediate relief, by purposefully and intentionally releasing a great deal of the energies and emotions you have picked up, are carrying, and are dealing with, and by allowing yourself to replace those emotions with healing, beneficial and joyful energy. This Fall Equinox meditation was created with that specific intention and goal in mind. Breaking free from negative thought and emotional cycles can feel difficult, but this meditation was designed to help specifically for those who have been feeling “stuck” and powerless to change, or for those who are unsure of how to let go and move forward.  

Whether you’re currently dealing with intense hardship, processing collective energies around you, or are dealing with more residual energy as the result of something you’ve moved past, this Autumnal Equinox meditation can help you to release the pent-up negative energies you’re carrying, release any barriers and borders that are preventing you from moving forward, and eliminate energies that you no longer want present in your energy. This meditation is extremely effective at reducing and eliminating difficult-to-remove and stuck emotions, and at restoring and renewing your current energy.

After completing the meditation, you should feel an energetic and emotional difference. If you do not achieve all of the results you want on your first try, that’s okay! Set aside a time when you can re-attempt the meditation and repeat until you get the results you desire. You can also adapt this meditation to your own specific situation or goal once you no longer need the audio or script as a guide.  

It's best to attempt this meditation in a quiet setting where you can sit comfortably, undisturbed for approximately 10-15 minutes. It is also suggested that you try to enter a light state of meditation beforehand, just to help aid you in the meditation process.  The transcript is provided below if you want to read along. 

Autumnal Equinox Meditation Transcript

Close your eyes, and take three slow, deep breaths.

Draw your attention to the area around your third eye, which sits on the forehead between and slightly above the eyebrows. As you focus your attention there, try to feel any sensations in that area.

Still focusing on your third eye, visualize a colorful circle appearing in front of where your third eye is. See all of the colors swirling, moving within this small dot. Take several deep breaths, and as you take each breath, notice that the small circle grows larger, and larger in front of you. Keep taking slow, deep breaths until the circle has grown to the size of a person.

Continue focusing on the gentle swirling colors.

When the circle has reached the size of a person, I want you to visualize yourself walking into that swirling circle of color, and being surrounded in bright, blinding white light. It encompasses you and fills you, and completely surrounds you.

You’re now standing on a grey beach. Look down and see the grey grains of sand beneath your feet. Look to your left, and then look to your right, and notice that the beach extends endlessly both ways. Look behind you and see how the beach extends behind you as far as you can see. Just like you, this beach is endless. Limitless. This is your beach.

In front of you is shallow, calm grey water, which reflects the grey formless sky. As you look towards the horizon, notice that you cannot tell where the sky ends, and the water begins, as though they seamlessly combine into one. The water gently flows towards you, and then gently pulls back into itself. The water is the universe in all its endless and limitless energy.

Walk forward and step into the water. Feel the slightly cool water as it envelops your feet and ankles with its gentle ripples. Look down into the water. See your reflection. But in your reflection you also see a very large, black, worn backpack. The backpack is so large that it encompasses a great deal of space around you. Now that you see it, you can feel it on your shoulders and back, like a very heavy weight you forgot you were carrying. The weight doesn’t hurt, but now that you notice it, you can feel it. Take a final look at your reflection, and stand up straight, and look out at the endless water and sky.

Slowly remove the backpack’s straps one at a time and hold it out in front of you. As you do, notice how much lighter your shoulders, and back feel once you remove the straps and the backpack’s weight.

Hold the backpack in front of you, but do not open it. Notice it’s weight, its size, and how heavy it is. As you look at this old, weathered massive backpack you know that it holds all of the weight you’ve been carrying for so long: all your negative energy and difficulties, your problems and turmoil. It holds all of your pain, your hurt, your anger, your fears, your anxieties, your insecurities, your disappointments, and your stresses. All of these inside this black backpack that you have been carrying for a long, long time. And are now in your hand.

The longer you hold it, the heavier it gets, so heavy it feels as though it’s going to drop out of your hands. Put the backpack down into the shallow water in front of you.

Take a few steps back onto the beach and out of the water. Watch as the gentle motion of the water slowly envelopes the backpack, pulling it backwards further into the water. Watch as the backpack begins to sink, as the water gently pulls it further and further in and under.

The backpack is now almost completely submerged. Watch as the gentle waves pull it further away from you. In a moment, you will take 7 deep breaths. With each deep breath, as you slowly exhale, repeat each phrase mentally or out loud:

“I release my anger.”

“I release my pain.”

“I release my sadness.”

“I release my despair.”

“I release my fear.”

“I release my hate.”

“I release all that holds me back, binds me, and that which does not serve my highest self and my best path.”

Feel the weight that has been removed. Notice the lightness in your shoulders and in your back.

Turn your eyes upwards and notice that a beautiful, full moon has manifested in the grey sky. Notice how bright it is, how it illuminates the sand and glistens off the water. So bright that you can feel it’s glow on your skin.

You’ve released your negative and stuck energy; you are now in a place where you can finally receive. Feel the warmth and the radiating energy you’re absorbing from the moon’s bright glow. Absorb the bright energy that you are gifted from the universe. Feel gratitude for the abundance you know is present, and for all the gifts that are coming to you as well.  If you wish to do so, take this moment to set an intention or focus on something you would like to manifest.

As you focus on your intention and the bright, beautiful moon overhead, watch as the moon begins to grow brighter, and brighter. As you watch it, continue focusing on feeling that release, gratitude, abundance, and fulfillment you’re actively receiving.

The moon is growing so bright that you start to notice the colors appearing around you – and watch as the moon slowly transforms into a sun, now illuminating everything around you. The grey beach beneath you is now a delightful mix of soft yellow, brown, and gold sand. Looking out towards the water, you see that the grey water is now intense shades of turquoise, blue, and green. You notice the bright, clear blue skies above and smell hints of salt and seaweed, feeling the gentle breeze as it flows across your face. In the distance, you can hear the waves gently hitting the shore, and laughter far off in the distance.

Breathe deep and sit in these elements for a few moments. When you are ready, slowly pull yourself back to consciousness by focusing on your physical body, and slowly bringing your mindset back to your present self and present surroundings.  

Once you've mastered this Fall Meditation, there are more you can enjoy including this additional Autumn Meditation from Psychic Source. 


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Jenna is a psychic and intuition development instructor with over ten years of experience in mentoring and teaching various classes. She is also a psychic medium, empath, and energy healer, who has a passion for helping others find, explore, and develop their own unique psychic gifts.


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