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Trust During Dark Times by Psychic Jenna

Date 6/14/2024

A Year of Hardship

2020 was a hard year for everyone, and I was not exempt from that hardship.

When the year was just beginning, I was a full-time caregiver for my long-term partner, named Richard. Richard had heart failure, and unfortunately could not receive normal treatments. He had also been rejected as a candidate for transplant surgery, so coping until he passed away was our only solution. Most of 2019 and 2020 was spent going in and out of doctor’s offices, specialty clinics, and enduring weeks- long hospital stays.

My world was continuously falling apart throughout the entire year. When it started, I initially maintained hope for a miracle, but as each day passed and the situation got worse, I came to realize that the man I had loved with all my heart for over a decade would soon pass away.

My life would never be the same. I’d lose the person I was closest to in the world, and I would lose my home, my life, and everything within it that I cared about. I spiraled into a deep depression as I worked daily to keep my partner alive.

At the time, I was consistently caring for him, and could not hold a job outside the home. I was reliant on his income and lived in his home to care for him. Richard wore a defibrillator vest and had lost a good deal of his mental ability to care for himself, needing 24-7 supervision. So I was tasked with all of his daily needs. This included changing his IVs twice daily, giving him medicine on a four hour schedule, making special sodium-free meals that wouldn’t worsen his condition, bathing, and cleaning him.

 While it brought me great fulfillment to care for someone I truly loved in this way, I also realized that when he passed away, I would no longer have a home. Richard had amassed a great amount of debt due to his health issues, and while I was included in his will, I was left with very little. I had no money saved, and it would take time to start a job after a several year employment gap from caregiving.

I was still hoping for the best, but I needed to be prepared for what might happen. As hard as it was to even consider, I realized that while I was taking care of him, that I needed to find out what I was going to do next. Otherwise, I would be homeless.

Worried woman

A Spark of Hope

One night, while cooking dinner, a commercial flashed across the TV for a psychic hotline. I had seen the commercial before, but this time it hit me differently. I had been manifesting and using the Law of Attraction for the past few months to try to better my situation but hadn’t seen any new developments from my work yet.

When that commercial came on – the thought came to my mind: “I’m a psychic. I have done this for years. I could work for a hotline like that! THAT could be my job!”

For years, I had performed psychic readings for friends and private clients – I had done readings at festivals, parties, and in stores, I had even owned my own small business at one time but found so much of the experience to be daunting, overwhelming, and draining. I had stopped almost entirely to care for my partner but realized that perhaps this was a path I needed to resume.

I started doing my research, found Psychic Source quickly, and was able to work through their interview and selection process, until I finally gained the job in late May! SUCCESS!!! I FINALLY had something positive to hold onto.

Richard passed away the day before my first shift.

Mourning woman

Starting Over

As anyone who has lost a long-term partner knows, it’s a life shattering moment that I’ll never forget. Time slowed to a stop, and I found myself unable to do anything. My days were empty, I no longer had the person I spent my entire day around to care for, and I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I spiraled into a deep depression and panic as the changes that I knew were coming before started unraveling before my eyes. Within one month, I no longer had a home. I no longer had my partner. I was living on my mom’s couch with my dogs, my cat, no money, and a barrel full of grief.

Somehow, I was able to continue with Psychic Source even when the pain was so raw and new. While working was difficult, I pushed on and continued to try to move forward. Focusing on other people, their problems, and their lives helped me a great deal with coping with my own pain. It seemed that allowing myself to focus on other people’s problems, I felt a healing of my own on a deeper level. I started to feel that hope again. I started to trust in a better future again.

While still living on my mom’s couch, I returned to the manifestation work I had halted prior to Richard’s death. I didn’t know what to hope for, other than to rebuild my life from the ground up, and to find happiness and fulfillment again in SOMETHING. Every day felt like years, but I powered through, believing in not only myself, but that the Universe would provide me with what I needed and truly wanted. I wanted stability. I wanted a family. And I wanted a new life to look forward to. I wanted Richard back, but I knew that wasn’t something I could be given.

Less than six months after Richard’s death, I finally had the ability to move so I decided to go for it. I needed a fresh start. So, I looked at a map and picked a very random area in Oregon (a different state than I was in originally) that looked fun and interesting. From there, I started seeking housing. I posted a “wanted” ad on an online forum and found my new home within two weeks. One month later, I moved into a small trailer on an older man’s property.

Couple in love

My New Normal

It has been three years since that time.

Four months after I moved to that new home, I met my current husband, whose first name is also Richard. Our relationship is everything that I could have hoped for. Rich is a funny example of the Universe delivering what I dearly desired. It didn’t give me the man I had loved for the last decade, but it DID provide me with a man that I now DEEPLY love, who is committed, and loves me completely. The Universe gave me Richard. Just not the same one.

Four months after that, we moved in together into a comfortable ranch-style home we still share today in a city I (now) love.

I have solidified myself with Psychic Source and have found it to be my permanent “psychic” home. I have a sustainable income, I have the family I’ve always wanted, and I still have my dogs and cat.  

The changes that I experienced happened both quickly and slowly. Initially, it felt like lifetimes were passing while I remained stuck, unable to change the present moment. The feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt, and inner turmoil often left me WISHING for a better future, but with little hope.

That being said, trusting in my future, trusting in my tomorrow and trusting in myself ended up bringing about massive changes I had never anticipated. Letting go of the pain I was holding onto allowed new opportunities to manifest I wouldn’t have even begun to expect. Once things began changing, they changed fast - at speeds I would never have predicted. But the only thing that sparked that change and inspired that movement was the belief and trust that the things I truly wanted were actively flowing into my life, whether I could see it or not.

I didn’t have the ability to plan those changes, nor know what the outcome would be, but I didn’t have to. Trusting in the Universe to provide and taking comfort in that knowledge propelled me forward towards the life that I now lead.

I may have had anxiety about my future, and felt hopeless at times about it, but when I TRUSTED in my future – I got everything I needed. And as heartbreaking as that situation was, I feel that experience has propelled me as a psychic and has sparked deeper healing than I had ever hoped for.

Trust in your future, as the Universe WILL provide, even in your darkest moments.




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Jenna is a psychic medium, empath, and energy healer, who has a passion for helping others find, explore, and develop their own unique psychic gifts. She is a psychic and intuition development instructor with over 13 years of experience in mentoring and teaching various classes and subjects. She holds a bachelor's degree in Metaphysics, worked previously as a paranormal investigator, is a Reiki Master and an ordained minister, and has helped countless individuals over the years learn how to remove negative entities and entities from their environment, as well as cleanse and protect their energy and homes.


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Heather4328: OMG. What an intense but enlightening story! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Jenna. Psychic Source and their advisors have helped me and many people. Keep on growing and helping others! Wahoo!!

Spiritual: Your story gave me a much-needed perspective at a time when I needed it most. Thank you!

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