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Old Souls and Past Lives

Date 1/16/2023
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What is an ‘Old Soul?”

Are you an "old soul?" Do you know how to tell if this is your first time on the planet, or if you have incarnated before? Are you curious about your past lives? Do you feel older than your years? Do you feel like you carry a spiritual perspective, a different outlook on life, fleeting or unexplained memories or a sense of transience that feel different than the experience of your contemporaries? You may be an Old Soul.

We’re All Here to Learn Lessons
As these Psychic Source Spiritual Advisors explain, we come to this life to learn lessons that our soul has chosen for us to learn. The experiences of a lifetime, both good and bad, help build spiritual muscle, by helping our souls evolve. We may have incarnated with the goal of Dharma to discover or Karma to work out, past life relationships to resolve, or simply for our souls to have another go at a human experience. Though it may not be clear to us, our memories of our past lives are stored in our unconscious, subjective mind, and influence the choices we make and the situations we face.

Want to Learn More?
You might start by taking our Old Soul Quiz, or contacting one of our psychics. A gifted psychic Advisor can offer a window to the past, and help you discern if you're an "old soul" and what that means for you.




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