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How We Grow - Changing Habits That No Longer Serve You by Psychic Sheena

Date 6/4/2024
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What is a Habit?

A habit is something a person does automatically without hesitation.

Breaking Bad Habits

How Do You Know When Something Doesn't Serve You Anymore?

Have you ever had a relationship with someone in your personal or professional life and for whatever reason peace cannot exist? Think about every time you have a conversation with that person and at the end of communicating, it never ends as positive as hoped for. You are left sometimes with a feeling that the person is the meanest human being created. Or is it that two people possess behaviors that do not serve either for the greater good? Think deeply about your interactions with others. How human beings communicate with others is determined by many factors including cultural norms and spiritual beliefs. 

As an African American I am constantly aware of this. Working in a corporate environment in the United States can bring peace to one’s soul, especially if that atmosphere is diverse. How our families ethnically communicate as a group can be different when we encounter others. I once had a very dear friend of mine who is an American of Irish descent who said once, “why are Black people so loud.” Don’t flip now, and please stay with me. The friendships I’ve personally formed are with intelligent people who push boundaries and ask questions to get to understand the habits of a group of people.

And no, I am in no way saying that all African American’s are loud. One of my daughters is the quietest person on the planet. But from a cultural tone, some of us speak loudly with power. If you have ever been in the home full of relatives of native African Americans, West Africans or Caribbeans, one might ask, what is the argument about. There is no argument. The tone is loud, direct, and even at times jovial. This is a cultural habit of most people of African descent. When a person of African descent encounters another culture, whose norm may be reserved in some respects, that’s a difference. When different backgrounds of people tolerate, listen, and get to understand one another, habits are formed.

We as humans are programmed to believe that our own cultural norms are the best in the world and no other habits are worth learning or utilizing. This is the biggest joke on all of us.

A habit that doesn’t serve our lives is constantly bringing sorrow, sadness, and division. The only way to change a negative habit is to acknowledge first that a behavior is not bringing the best outcome to one’s life and then to look within to make a change. What change? So that person where the conversation always ends negatively, takes a different approach when speaking.

Change My Habits

How Can I Change My Habits in Life?

Instead of repeating the same words over and over again, respond differently and see if the person you are talking with doesn’t do the same. This method is a basic model tried and tested in personal or professional environments. When you go into a store and instead of being mean spirited to the cashier who completely has done nothing to you besides clock in for a shift, greet them with a smile. A smile goes a long way and can change someone’s life seeing happiness in full motion.

Step one is to consider your not positive habits and write them down. Step two is focused on changing the response to get a different outcome. We can’t keep doing the same things repeatedly and not expect change. I went to an event that was focused on Juneteenth and how people of the sun, otherwise known as, Africans in the Diaspora can uplift our lives no matter where we reside. And listening to many talented individuals speak, I sat there thinking of the word accountability. Accountability is acknowledging that an approach is not working. Specifically focusing on building our own houses so that the roots are solid and not swayed when heavy rains come, and then helping our neighbors whose roots were not planted that deep into the ground. Powerful stuff!

Habits to Change Your Life

6 Small Habits to Change Your Life

  • Practicing positive self-affirmations daily.
  • Creating a journal and writing one’s feelings down daily.
  • Keeping a dream journal.
  • Thinking before speaking.
  • Remembering that not everything requires a response.
  • Respect every human being regardless of ethnic background or religious affiliation. We are all God’s children and when we respect other people, we are in balance with the nature of the universe which ultimately leads to all things positive and good coming into our path.

4 Habits That Changed My Life

Accepting that Racism Exists

The habit that most changed my life about this unfortunate fact is knowing that nothing or no person can stop me from becoming what’s desired or destined. Most human beings are good and decent people. I am not a victim of any circumstances of the trauma my Ancestors endured. In fact, I am my Ancestor’s greatest gift and daily putting positive vibrations out into the universe by helping human beings of all races heal and answering questions that only the spiritual world can provide by being used as a vessel. Treat all people with respect and fully aware when hate is presented for no reason at all and to not respond negatively nor reciprocate.

Ego Checking

Personally, I am one of the most confident people breathing. Knowing without a doubt: blessed and gifted intellectually and spiritually. Some people will read that and think, “oh my” that’s conceited. No, that’s called confidence. Humble enough to know I don’t know everything, but smart enough to know I can master anything. Ego checking is of the utmost importance for people who are confident because there is a thin line with arrogance seeping in. My prayer to my beloved Ancestors is to remove a nasty spirit of arrogance away for me at all times. Helping the unfortunate keeps me in check. Seeing how much pain exists whether it be physical or mental in the world. I am forever grateful to the Most High for blessings upon blessings and that unwavering grace that endures forever!

Letting Go!

Just do it. Let go and make a positive change in your life. As a psychic who has a God given ability to “read” others. One of the most repetitive words used during my readings is directing participants to try a new path. Consider doing something different. Letting go of another person who we love is not easy. But if that person does not serve our purpose of uplifting or growth, let it go! I’m often told that letting go isn’t easy because love is so strong. My response is unwavering, you were born in this world by yourself through your mother’s vaginal canal. A mother’s love is unconditional, and the next highest form is self-love. Never put your all into any person who is not reciprocating the energy of love.


In every phase of our existence, habits change. Some without any effort as we naturally get older and age. Other bad habits need to work hard at bringing about the change in our lives we desire. In all things, a higher power’s boost is the solution. Prayer brings change in our lives. Once we open our mouths, the universe responds to our requests. It is important to understand that we control our destinies. Depending on an individual spiritual belief, waiting on God is a myth. We have the power to demand change in our lives. I challenge you to speak words of positivity over your life and ask the universe to reveal any habits formed that may be hindering your growth to the next step of your spiritual journey.

Bad Habits

Remember How Far You've Come

To what measure we put out, is what will be placed in our path. For example, suppose you want to have your own business and be an entrepreneur. But for whatever reason finding it hard to “break through.” This is where we need to check what quality do I possess that is hindering me getting to the next level? Perhaps you are talented and have everything that it takes to succeed, but that spirit of procrastination is hard to release.  We all have one. And that is mine! Have all the answers and pray that the spirit of procrastination of doing what is necessary to succeed is possible. We can do this together.

Once we get past releasing the habits that no longer serve us, something changes in our psyche naturally that is unexplainable. It’s a feeling that only the soul understands. Verbally explaining it is possible but never fully understood like the Ori (African word for head).

Lastly, speaking words of positivity over yourself is key. Remembering how far you’ve come. How you’ve forgiven yourself and those who may not be worthy but leaving judgment to the higher vibrations of the universe.


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Sheena has a Bachelors degree in Business Management and has been in leadership roles for the past 25 years. In regards to spirituality, Sheena has been reading tarot for 18 years and is an empath who can decipher the right way immediately. Sheena made a commitment to her Ancestors to serve people who need help on earth and provide answers to life’s many passages we go through.


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