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How To Develop Your Intuition By Psychic Izzy

Date 9/25/2019

Inner guidance and intuition are one and the same. Do you wonder how to listen to and develop your intuition? And more puzzling, how do you trust it? These are very important questions. Let me start by saying that I recognize we all comes from diverse backgrounds and cultures. I am here to support you on your personal quest with no judgment. I will provide guidance that has helped me and my clients learn how to know when our intuition is talking to us.

In our busy lives, we rely on our minds for many things. However, when faced with challenges, I find much more success tapping into my intuition when I break down the style of my requests. My choice when going within for guidance is connecting with the outdoors and nature whenever possible. The steps below will help you find what works best for you. We are all unique.

5 Steps to Trust Your Intuition

#1) Focus and Find Your Guiding Light

To be more intuitive, choose to focus your mind on a path of unexpected opportunities. When your mind has a task, it is easier to find connection and harmony in your heart. Tune into whatever guides you. I often communicate with the angels and my higher-self. You may have religious or cultural beliefs, influences from someone in your past, or the universe may have your back. Get in touch with and practice trusting your guiding light. Be aware, most of us have a negative judgment voice that often comes from our ego or another source. That is NOT the voice I am referring to. I trust the loving guidance that is kind and gentle. It can also nudge me forward at times if I am dragging my feet and not moving forward.

#2) Deepen Your Connection

As you learn to find and trust your North Star guiding light, you can practice and experiment if you want to. Regardless of your style, keep connecting. One way to develop your intuition is to ask for grace and ease with routine tasks (these can also calm your overactive mind: fold towels, wash dishes etc). Experiments could be getting to work faster, ease with dropping the kids off to school, or falling into restful sleep more quickly. You can experiment with anything that calls to you when the timing feels right. Again, this is all about adding strength and familiarity to your process with your guiding light. When in doubt, ask your higher self or higher power for guidance.

#3) Weed Out False Messages

My next suggestion to strengthen your intuition will help you with separating random messages distinctly from guidance from your trusted source. Has this message come only one time? I find that genuine trusted guidance often comes with repetition and from a variety of sources. You may experience these through your human senses: knowing, hearing, seeing… or through your gut feelings or intuition. All is well if it is measuring up to your strong internal indicators. You can also get insight from Tarot Cards, Pendulums and speaking with our talented advisors for answers or confirmation. Just like most things in life, the more you practice, the more your confidence will grow.

#4) Learn to Trust Your Loving Guidance

My strongest suggestion is to slow down and take the time to ask those really important questions — then be quiet and listen to the answers. Go within and listen with your heart to hear your inner guidance. Then trust your guidance and take action.

Most of us lead hectic lives where we are always checking things off our to-do lists. This mindful activity of slowing down requires you to stop that constant go-go cycle. If you ignore the messages you are receiving, life may throw you a screaming curve ball to get your attention.

Build trust in your guidance by practicing: listening with your heart, and then taking action.

#5) Your Inner Guidance is Part of Who You Are

Our sense of intuition was not taught in many schools. For myself and many others, we became more aware of this personal power over time. Just keep it up: create a daily routine of connection. Ask for help anytime you want or need support. It will become a routine part of your life. You will not always get the answers you desire, but learning how to listen to your inner guidance will help you ride the waves of life with more balance.

This reminds me of childhood stories where the young one is afraid of something scary under the bed or in the closet. And it is almost always something in their active imaginations, and not a true fear at all. As adults, we need to learn that lesson about going into those dark scary places in our own lives.  You will be much happier once you feel what you really feel and ask those questions that you may be scared of the answers. Regardless of your situation, I promise that your burdens will be lightened and you will have found a trusted source of guiding light that you will always follow.

Trust Your Inner Knowing!   

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