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December 2021: Exploring Dreams and the Imagination

Have you ever had a strange dream that you brushed off as just a bad night’s rest? Perhaps you woke up from a dream feeling uneasy or in disbelief that it wasn’t real. We tend to brush off our dreams as just our imaginations running wild, but this is not always the case. If you take a step back and listen to what your dreams are telling you, you might just learn something that can improve your waking life.

Learn what it means to dream about your ex, animals, your teeth falling out, spiders, or of someone who has passed in this life. Was it truly a visit, or just a dream? What does that one nightmare that seems to plague you far too often have to say? If you have a recurring dream, what does it mean? Is it a warning or perhaps just a message? Speaking with an Advisor can also help you break down your specific dreams and help you understand what they mean to you in your personal life.