Why a Psychic Can't Predict the Lottery by Psychic Kimberle

Published Date 1/13/2016
Category: Career & Finances

Do you play the lottery hoping to win big?

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You can’t turn on the TV or open Facebook and not hear about the record-setting lottery drawing happening today that everyone is talking about.  Yes, it’s the multi-state Powerball lottery, currently worth over $1.5 billion or something unheard of like that.  When the jackpot gets this big, even folks who never take risks, will suddenly plop down a few bucks at the chance of winning untold riches.  

But all this lottery talk got me thinking.  It hasn’t happened in a while, but as a psychic advisor, one of the oldest questions I still hear from time to time from skeptics is “So, if you really are psychic, why can’t you just predict the winning lottery numbers and retire.” Or even better… “Give ME the winning lottery numbers so that I can retire."

Alas…  If only it worked like that…  

Life is a Path
Most conversations about the lottery and any intuitive I have ever known is a “Dear God, I promise I will still do my work if you let me win lotto.  I promise I will not just retire.  I will give to charity, please God, let me win.”  There is always great laughter and the exhale of knowing that odds are we will not win ourselves, let alone be silly enough to think that we would have numbers to give anyone.

Why is this?  Well, there’s order in the world.  You see, we all have our contracts or our life paths and we all have our own special list of challenges or tasks to complete for our growth.  This is something we have chosen prior to even being born.  Yes, we chose our parents and our situations willingly.  Adversity after all, is a great gift.  

Finding Our Purpose
If you think about it, the people that have genuinely struggled the most are the ones who make a conscious effort to hold a door open for others. When you struggle or dance with adversity it forces you to think and become aware of your actions and your interactions with others.  That is usually when we find ourselves and our purpose.  The most respected people are generally those that have mastered being humble.  They are the ones that realize that no matter one’s social standing or bank account or illusion of power we are all equal and every last one of us has personal work to do.  

Winning the lotto would actually be a lesson on a life path of power and personal integrity.   To quote Abraham Lincoln, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”   

If you really think about it what would you do with your time if you won lottery? After you paid your debts and obtained the things you think you need to be happy?  Having money is nice, but it’s not everything.

If you did play, good luck and best wishes.  Just don’t be too disappointed when you still have to go to work the next morning!   

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Char413: So true the last 3 lines under finding our purpose made me reflect back to our reading this morning about ....just about sums it all up !

wendy2000: well said :D

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