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HappyNess11 9/28/2022 stars Phone Reading

I don’t usually like to leave reviews but I’ve been on this site for a while and I know what I look for when looking for a reading. Rosey was amazing, very professional, and accurate. A couple of her PREDICTIONS CAME TO PASS WITHIN THE TIME FRAME SHE GAVE! Thank you Rosey. I’m so grateful to have found you.

TryingToBeHappy 8/7/2022 stars Phone Reading

Wanted to say thank you for the reading. You picked up on all of my anxiety and negative thoughts, and it helps to hear you confirm everything will be ok. Looking forward to him reach out soon. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again.

pvetta7360 7/23/2022 stars Phone Reading

I love her energy! She definitely picked up on the person I had in question. I would definitely call again!!

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TryingToBeHappy 7/3/2022 stars Phone Reading

You were totally right, thank you for guiding me. He texted late night like you said, and surprisingly we texted for a bit. I asked him directly about Thursday and Friday, like you suggested I should. And he said yes to both. I’m looking forward to seeing him on Thursday and feel at peace in my heart. Thank you so much.

Angel2021 6/23/2022 stars Phone Reading

Rosey is amazing with what she picks up on for details and has had many accurate readings.

Angel2021 6/10/2022 stars Phone Reading

Fast, accurate and helpful!! Tells you the truth to help.

Erika1 6/5/2022 stars Phone Reading

She was awesome. I asked a question, and she just went on with really good insight without asking me a million other questions. Thank you

lovelyeve 6/4/2022 stars Phone Reading

Excellent Advisor

Nawnaw 5/26/2022 stars Phone Reading

Enjoyed talking to Rosie. Her reflections on my energy were very accurate ( time , balance, motivation). Excited to see it what else she had predicted comes true.

LalaLand 5/20/2022 stars Phone Reading

Oh, she was goooddddd!!!! She knew everything about what was going on as if she knew me personally! ACCURATE in every reading I had with her!! I’m calling back!