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Psychic Nicholas x3532

Psychic Nicholas x3532

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Featured Review scoy8395 6/28/2022 stars Phone Reading

Ran out of minutes but thank you so much for everything. This is my second reading and everything that you have said comes true. Will be calling back! Thank you

joannr 7/14/2024 stars Phone Reading

Nicholas is very insightful and straightforward. I found his readings to be accurate with specific details that I was amazed he knew. Amazing, will call him again.

Seniordrmj 6/28/2024 stars Phone Reading

Nicholas, in my assessment, displayes a phenomenal skill of recall. He has the unique ability in remembering names, dates, and time frames as it relates to the client. This gift signifies just how engaging he is with you one-on- one. I wouldn't miss out on this experience if I were you!

Seniordrmj 6/23/2024 stars Phone Reading

As always, Nicholas foretold how long it would take me to complete a 2 hour and 55 minute exam. He was spot on I completed the exam in one hour and forty-five minutes. I will surely consult Nicholas on future matters of business and the heart. He is amazing!

GinGin 6/16/2024 stars Phone Reading

Nicholas you were truly amazing. Super insightful I mean you connected with my situation so well. You spoke things about my POI that he has said to me previously. I will be open to connecting with you again.

Markham 6/10/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thank you, Nicholas for sparing me a mistake. You've confirmed my impressions about this man and I will continue to manage the relationship to one of friendship.

Markham 6/8/2024 stars Phone Reading

Today is the first time I've consulted with Nicholas. I've been a member of Psychic Source for many years, many psychics, all of whom, for the most part have been helpful with guidance. However, Nicholas seemed to be able to access something deeper and offer guidance that I recognized as him accurately picking up on my current feelings, the reason for them, and seemed to know of past traumas. It was as if I was talking with an old friend. His guidance was detailed. I noted four pages of details in our 15–20-minute session. I will call him again soon about a different matter; and in a few months when his timing suggests a shift in my emotional funk.

customer(s) found the following review helpful

AriesandLibra 5/23/2024 stars Phone Reading

I hate to leave this review because I’ve always liked Nicholas. However this reading was far from the truth along with a few others I’ve had with him. The other be thing he was correct on was him traveling. He is going with his son out of state for a track meet their school son state championship, it’s not to see the baby momma his divorce was final this past April. He showed me proof of that and the divorce decree.

Seniordrmj 5/16/2024 stars Phone Reading

Nicholas is phenomenal at reading, advising, and perceiving your psyche. His predictions regarding my personal relationships and business development were on point and accurate. I strongly advise checking him out, ladies.

bearchamp 5/8/2024 stars Phone Reading

I have chatted with Nicholas several times and he has been spot on with everything I inquired on. Last night I actually called and what a "cool" guy! He really knew exactly what to tell me and it really helped me with my thought process. Thank you Nicholas!!