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Psychic Nicholas x3532

Psychic Nicholas x3532

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Featured Review scoy8395 6/28/2022 stars Phone Reading

Ran out of minutes but thank you so much for everything. This is my second reading and everything that you have said comes true. Will be calling back! Thank you

Myelove74 3/25/2024 stars Phone Reading

Relatable and honest...

Donna444 3/9/2024 stars Chat Reading

thank you

Redbone94 3/8/2024 stars Chat Reading

He answered all of my important questions. He is honest and accurate.

Leema439 3/6/2024 stars Phone Reading

Nicholas really hones in on your situation; and doesn’t take long doing so. He’s accurate, honest, and genuine. My definite go to! His style is a mixture of: straight shooter, factual, and genuine! Call him— you won’t be disappointed!

Olivera 2/29/2024 stars Chat Reading

Nicholas was very polite and he was spot on!

happiness2 2/2/2024 stars Phone Reading

He did call tonight. Good conversation. Nothing more

customer(s) found the following review helpful

eledchase 1/19/2024 stars Phone Reading

I am struggling with how to rate him after this most recent reading, but since psychic source only let's us rate with a small window I feel I need to put something here. I've read with Nicholas in the past, this was reading number 4. In the past, he's predicted things happening down to the exact day, minor details off but overall very accurate. Today, I felt disappointed. I called with a $1 per minute deal and had 30 minutes hoping for a lot of detail like past readings. But something just seemed off with this one, some of the comments he made didn't fit at all, like my poi traveling for work for several days- he's a local maintenance man, there's nothing to travel for. There were a few other details here and there that also were incorrect like getting money to move, me working in the corporate world, mom being on disability/retired, and saying that sharing details was too much(this man has set the precedent from the beginning to be 100% transparent no matter what, there is no such thing as tmi). There was also a good deal of background noise that sounded like he was packing or moving things around, and people making noise in the background that was quite distracting. Along with towards the last 10 mins of the reading he just was very unfocused and rambled about super vague things that felt not of relevance. He's incredibly kind and patient but the 'quality' of his reading today was lackluster and almost felt like he was just saying what any man's POV would, with no real psychic insight the majority of the reading. I do like him as a reader overall, maybe just a bad day for him, we are all human. I did leave the reading disappointed this time though. The tiny predictions he made, we will see if any come to pass but there were more just random pieces of info than real predictions this round. I am not sure if I'll return and am glad I didn't spend the full amount he charged for that quality. Again, 3/4 readings have been great... today not so much. I hate leaving feedback like this, and wouldn't have bothered but there were so many disappointments I felt I had to. I'm not sure how the system works, did he get paid the discounted rate I paid for so I got less effort? I have no idea but it was a disappointment to say the least.

happiness2 1/8/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Nicholas! that was an interesting conversation. I will update more later. Thanks!

Steph19michell 12/4/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thanks Nicholas!!