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Psychic Nicholas x3532

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Featured Review AE2902 12/9/2021 stars Phone Reading

Nicholas is the best! He did a career reading for me a few days ago and what he saw and told me about happened! Had to call him back and get more information. We’ll see how everything turns out. Very surprised that what he saw happening, did! Call him!!!!

jjurado 1/18/2022 stars Phone Reading

Not quite sure how to interpret. Had a few questions and took the entire reading to answer one question when I prefaced I had several. To be fair, it was a lost object; however, it was very repetitive and I'm not sure how generic it is.

Onyei68 1/7/2022 stars Chat Reading

He was truthful straight to the point. He validated my situation and know what I must do to move forward. Thank you

tdburrows7 1/3/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for providing clarity on where my energy was taking me. You are suave, but direct. You provide very clear and helpful messages. Appreciate you very much!

Miss Texas1 1/1/2022 stars Phone Reading

Awesome and accurate!

mintchocolatechip 12/26/2021 stars Chat Reading

Pretty much everything he predicted has come true and in the exact timing he said too. He also picked up on literally everything about the new guy. It took him a second to link in but once he did I was floored with the details that just started pouring. Just wow. Love you Nicholas!

Ali2014 12/24/2021 stars Phone Reading

Very insightful. Gave me a lot of the clarity in detail that I needed for my situation. I am very thankful.

Cadell2643 12/12/2021 stars Phone Reading

Excellent reading with Nicholas. Everything he mentioned to me came true. Nicholas is very calm when speaking. He gives accurate and detailed information. You can ask him anything and he will comply. I am happy to have Nicholas as my advisor. I look forward to chatting with him again.

PhDMan 12/11/2021 stars Chat Reading

Thank you for the pep talk, I will do my best to make more money and hopefully, I will find a wife and have children - my dream.

Cadell2643 12/4/2021 stars Phone Reading

Fantastic reading with Nicholas. Nicholas provided detailed and accurate information for me with my situation. I did not have to reveal to much to him before he could reveal how I could approach the situation. I was also surprise when he said he had recalled my voice. In fact, I had not spoken with Nicholas in quite some time. Unbelievable! Thank you again for helping me with my situation. You provided a sense a calm ness in your voice and you provided accurate advice. Thank you again for all that you do. I look forward to chatting with you again.