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kimjo2466 2/24/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Natasha for providing guidance and for the very welcome and wonderful message from my dad. I will get the flowers as he communicated. I have looked at the 9 of cups card you recommended, but you didn't mention if it was upright or upside down so I'm not sure which side to pay attention to. Are you able to answer this? If you are looking for a compassionate reader, I highly recommend Natasha!

maxeter 12/25/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for talking with me.

Christ2004 12/10/2023 stars Phone Reading

Excellent! First time reading with her. Her voice is very calming and comforting. I had reached out as she is listed as a medium and I was expecting a presence in my airbnb rental home.. I was a bit scared but I gained so much clarity and understanding it was my father who passed and had a message for me. Thank you for your talent, and wisdom to help me navigate this! Many blessings and happy holidays!

nathanblndn 10/15/2023 stars Phone Reading

Really helped me when I needed a little guidance to know that I’m on the right path for myself and that I’m growing and becoming who I’m meant to be for the better of myself and the chance of reconcillation with my ex girlfriend

Natasha replied...

Happy to have helped. Talk soon!!

MelissaN 10/8/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Natasha! You've confirmed so many other things that others picked up on, without my telling you. I appreciate you & will be back!

Natasha replied...

Ty, hope to talk soon.

Kriss3255 8/12/2023 stars Phone Reading

Gave me solutions to my abswers.

Columbia2023 6/24/2023 stars Phone Reading

Fantastic! I received the guidance I needed. Thank you!

Brandes1721 6/18/2023 stars Phone Reading

Loved the Positive message for my situation. Really helped get me get back on the tracks! I keep gearing towards the left and the call helped get me hook back on to the right!!! Thank you!

Natasha replied...

Thanks, and so glad to hear the call was useful! Blessings, Natasha

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Aluminumcricket 6/17/2023 stars Phone Reading

Calm, cool, collected, insightful and polite! Couldn't have picked a better psychic. My dream was bothering me so much, and she was able to put clarity to my dreams. My favorite aspect about this psychic is she can get to the point very quickly, and with astonishing accuracy.

Natasha replied...

Thanks, Natasha

Indiglo 6/10/2023 stars Phone Reading

Natasha is otherwise good but yesterday, she was totally off. She mentioned that the other woman in my partner's life will stay on and I should move on. This morning, I wake up to find a nasty message from that other woman. My partner told her that he loves me and she should move on. I had done nothing, just set my partner free and had moved aside and blessed both, before all this drama. But had I been paying heed to Natasha's words, I'd have lost my partner. She was completely off this time.

Natasha replied...

Sorry you felt this way, and wishing you the best?