Psychic Minerva x3180

Psychic Minerva x3180

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Featured Review Uljjang 4/12/2021 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Minerva for your guidance and wisdom. You provided me with such a sense of calm and helped me realize that the path I was already on the path I was "too scared" to take. Thank you so much for your guidance, I am truly blessed to have met with you. I will definitely be in communication with you again!

Marika99 4/16/2021 stars Chat Reading

She was right again. Incredible.

Victoria4 4/12/2021 stars Phone Reading

Aside from being really kind and fun to talk to, Minerva gave me specific steps and actions I could take to deal with my issue. Our conversation was the one of the most comforting interactions I've had in a while. She tapped into thoughts that I haven't even shared in my personal life. I 100% recommend Minerva!

Starburst604 4/8/2021 stars Phone Reading

This is my 2nd time speaking with her and when I say she is good she is GOOD!! And now on my favorites. She picked up so much both times on things I didn’t mention.

Marika99 4/7/2021 stars Chat Reading

She is a great support and the best of help in my life. Helps me deal with anything. Big thanks

RedVelvetCat 3/30/2021 stars Chat Reading

Thank you, Minerva. I know it was a brief chat, but it really gave me a little more hope on love and romance in my life. Thank you so much again. I truly appreciate it!

Vraic2 3/29/2021 stars Chat Reading

Minerva was honest and direct to help guide in the journal properly

Marika99 3/28/2021 stars Chat Reading

Minerva has been brillant, better than ever, extremely accurate and wonderful to me! She has been almost my co-pilot and I am so glad to have her in my life. It's amost like having a supermember on my team. Saves me from despair, helps me focus on right things. Knowing we can talk helpes me so much. Minverva is very loyal, she has been with me for a long time now. Bless her for all the help she gives. Truly gifted in mysterious ways.

Marika99 3/26/2021 stars Chat Reading

She is never disappointing. So accurate its incredible. She knew about someones issues. They told me days after. Noone told her. She has been a counselor and a real friend. Minerva is a life saver. Big thanks

natashaN 3/25/2021 stars Chat Reading

Okay reading. Accurate about the present situation.