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Featured Review Lulu14 6/12/2021 stars Chat Reading

A magnificent Lady with a wonderful energy. Best regards.

newyorkcity5735 2/27/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thank You Lily! I Love You! You are a dear friend. I cherish your friendship and sage advice. SUPER BLESSED to have you in my life.

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Flygirl777 2/19/2024 stars Chat Reading

She gave me some hope to my situation with POI. I hope predictions come to pass and I appreciate her respect and kindness! I had 2 readings recently with different advisors and they were very rude and bothered. Lily is always very pleasant to chat with and quick with her responses.

newyorkcity5735 2/17/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thank You Lily! I Love You! Super BLESSED and GRATEFUL to have you in my life. Thank you for your continued support.

Sethiw83 2/17/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thank you again lily for the connection. You were right last time. I’ll be back with update thank you again.

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cleowilding 2/15/2024 stars Chat Reading

A wonderful reading! Lily read for me about 5 years ago and she told me at the time that she could see me having a dedicated space in my home where I'd be recording meditations and yoga classes, and people would love what I'm creating. All of this turned out to be true, but I couldn't foresee it at the time. My reading today was equally as spectacular! Lily is phenomenally good.

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yogi0307 2/12/2024 stars Phone Reading

I gave Lily a try with those 5-min offers and she shared a few things which I held close to me. Shocked, so I asked follow up questions hoping for a timeline, which she shared. I was blown away when it came to fruition the following week. I had to call Lily back to validate her predictions and asked others questions, and of course they have also come to fruition. WOW just WOW! She is now my Go To Goddess! Thanks, Lily!

breadandroses 2/12/2024 stars Video Reading

Lily was incredible...this was my first reading with her and she didn't disappoint. Right off the bat, she was genuinely happy to be with me. She listened and interrupted only me when something was coming through (which is a great thing!) She was a great listener and communicator too. She was able to give me details and predictions with hope, optimism and sound reason. She was compassionate and accurate in describing past and current status/events. She also shared predictions. It really helped me to figure out how I want to move in my life, as things continue to develop and unfold. I remain open hearted and empowered. My choice to continue to hold onto hope is a vulnerable place to be however Lily held safe space for our conversation and that really meant the world to me. She helps me be honest with myself about my needs and asks me questions about ME, to check on my personal fulfillment. It was like speaking to your mother. She is the read deal. You won't be disappointed if you take a chance on her. :)

Bethgaglione 1/30/2024 stars Phone Reading

My first reading from Lily. She told me I was going to have a great year in all areas of my life. Which I’m ready for after these last few challenging ones. She sees me connecting in a love relationship and it lasting long term gaining secure and stability in March. This love relationship has been a challenging one that she sees finally turning the corner. I am very hopeful what she sees will come to light. I’ll follow up soon. TY

Heidip 1/29/2024 stars Chat Reading

Was great will wait and see for predictions