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Featured Review Lulu14 6/12/2021 stars Chat Reading

A magnificent Lady with a wonderful energy. Best regards.

reynolds1234 9/27/2022 stars Phone Reading

Ok she’s amazing!! Let me tell you she predicted something yesterday that I didn’t think was possible however, it happened almost exactly as she said. Here’s hoping everything else pans out the same way.

Honeybee23 9/26/2022 stars Chat Reading

I love Lily!! She and I connect so quickly and I always feel like I’m talking to a really good friend! She has been there for me for my situation with my poi. Her predictions came to pass!! She predicted he and I would get closer end of this month and become exclusive in a long term relationship mid October, and it’s definitely already started to reveal itself! I’m so happy with Lily’s guidance. Can’t wait to talk to her again soon!

blonde1111 9/15/2022 stars Phone Reading

THANK YOU for corroborating what I instinctively KNEW to be the case! What the heck would I DO without you my dear Lily!

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Honeybee23 9/6/2022 stars Chat Reading

Lily predicted POI and third party would break up late September, and he told me they had broken up recently!! She is so SPOT ON with her predictions. She said POI and I would get closer this month and last night we shared a special night together! Lily predicts POI is getting ready to be with me in a romantic committed relationship and will ask for this in late October, as that’s when he will ultimately be ready for me. I trust this prediction will come true and can’t wait to talk to her and update her! She’s AMAZING!

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meliss6 8/29/2022 stars Chat Reading

Lily, thanks for always setting things straight with the POI and things I just don't sea with the POI. I can count on you.

TMcCoy28 8/18/2022 stars Chat Reading

It is always a pleasure speaking with Lily. She is the only person that truly understands my complex situation. She always brings my worries to ease.

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Honeybee23 8/6/2022 stars Chat Reading

Lily always gives me peace of mind!!! I chatted with her as soon as I started feeling anxious about my situation! She’s always so SPOT ON! I started giving up hope with my poi, and felt like I just at this point wanted to walk away, and I’d be fine with it. Just wanted to know the truth, that if he didn’t see a long term future with us, I’d be ok just knowing I wouldn’t be in this limbo anymore. But Lily remains adamant on of his romantic feelings for me and that he is just working on himself to get ready to pursue something with me long term, and will come forward mid- October! Let’s hope I’ll still have my patience in tact by then. I feel relieved with her honest reading. Can’t wait for her predictions to pass! THANKS LILY! TALK REAL SOON!!

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Honeybee23 8/2/2022 stars Chat Reading

Had an amazing first reading with Lily! She really accurately and quickly tuned into my POI’s energy and gave me a timeline of when he is going to come forward. Hopefully her predictions will come to pass!

blonde1111 7/14/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Lily! You are always what I need when I need it!