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Psychic Joanne x4733

Psychic Joanne x4733

Claircognizant Empathic Intuitive

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Psychic Joanne Ratings & Reviews

179 reviews since Jun 2021

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Featured Review oceana.princessa 1/5/2023 stars Chat Reading

An authentic Psychic. No-tool-readings are my preference but I came back to Joanne (and will come back) as she was able to provide me helpful guidance before. And today, she did again. I'm glad we were able to connect. Blessings.

Joanne replied...

Thank you dear! Archangel Michael message: "Let a wonderful new idea flow, dont allow bumps in the road to hinder your progress." and Archangel Raphael: "A positive new emotional experience will result in fulfilling romantic relationship with deep and lasting spiritual insight."

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Andy1421 4/9/2024 stars Phone Reading

Joanne was very good and I learned some things about myself that I will be working on including my family. I appreciate her taking the time to ensure I understood what was being said. I will be back Thanks Andy

Joanne replied...

Thank you for your feedback dear. Archangel Michael message: "Time to move quickly, choose logic over emotion, sudden changes will come."

claveros 3/19/2024 stars Phone Reading

I absolutely loved Joanne. We unfortunately got disconnected in the middle of the reading, and then I got a phone call that I had to take, but she was very "on point" as to where I currently am in life. I will DEFINITELY be reaching out to her again. She was so "down to earth" and easy to talk to. It was easy to tell that she is very comfortable with being the person she is, which put me at ease immediately. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone:)

Joanne replied...

Thank you for your wonderful feedback! Archangel Michael message: "There is a better course of action available to you, working alone may not be the best answer, review all of the details" and Archangel Ariel message: "An excellent opportunity will be offered to you, scholarships or the pursuit of education make you reliable, clever, educated and balanced, time to get to work!"

tcampiz 3/11/2024 stars Chat Reading

I didn't get a lot of answers to my question. Just some vague timelines and not a lot of tact in the delivery of the messages. I didn't feel any compassion or any uplifting messages in the short reading. Maybe it was an "off" day.

Joanne replied...

Hello Tiffany, thank you for your feedback. In review of our 6 minute chat , I see all of your questions were properly answered -they weren't just "yes" and "no's" but detailed replies - and the "vague timelines" you state I provided were the months of which your situation will occur. I am sorry about what is happening to you, sometimes when you are looking for an "uplifting" message, it would be best to give the reader more than 6 minutes - preferably by phone instead of chat - to give you something more encouraging as well as answer your questions when going through a tough situation. BE BLESSED. Archangel Raphael message: "Committed romantic relationships, being swept off your feet, situations or topics that make your heart flutter".

Honeybee916 2/23/2024 stars Phone Reading

Joanne was amazing, she felt like I was chatting with a friend, nothing was forced, she barely wanted information from me. She was more focused on the information she was receiving to give to me. My questions were answered very bluntly lol, and her follow up email was a great summary and insightful. I could tell the information was genuine, she wasn’t fishing for information. She wanted to give me the best advice possible whether I liked the answer or not.

Joanne replied...

Awe thank you dear! Archangel Michael message: "Time to move quickly, choose logic over emotion, there will be sudden changes."

Slim777 1/25/2024 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Joanne for the insight. Gave me something to think about and a decision to be made. I’ll reach out to you again. Appreciate it…

Joanne replied...

You are most welcome. Archangel Jophiel message: "A dream come true, believe in yourself, it is the end of a difficult situation."

aviation 1/22/2024 stars Phone Reading

Joanne is the real deal. She reaches deep into your situation and delivers what I have experienced to be ACCURACY. That lady does NOT sugarcoat. Thank you Joanne for months of great readings!!!

Joanne replied...

Thank you my dear! You are blessed to be a blessing. Archangel Michael message: "A situation no longer serves you, release your attachment to the outcome, consider taking a more uplifting approach."

LianiBR 1/1/2024 stars Phone Reading


Joanne replied...

Thank you my dear! Archangel Ariel message: "Take great pride in your excellent work, practice makes perfect, consider getting additional training or education."

Nekkabell 12/28/2023 stars Phone Reading

She was a sweet person although her reading did not resonate with me and my current situation and some of the information I told her she misinterpreted I think that’s probably why the reading was off

Joanne replied...

Thank you for your feedback and the opportunity to review. The karmic part of your reading was "off" because the birth data you provided for your poi - per your DM to me after the reading and this negative review - "was off". Hardly am I ever "sweet" in my readings, but I appreciate the complimentary misnomer. GOOD LUCK. Archangel Raziel message: "Joy through spiritual growth, be a light to others, answers will come thru meditation."

MsBleu 12/6/2023 stars Chat Reading

Did a text chat with Joanne. I appreciate her honesty.

Joanne replied...

Thank you for your feedback dear, Archangel Ariel message: "Nurture yourself and those you love, and you will have the ability to make anything more beautiful using practical and wise advise."