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Psychic Angela x9978 stars Chat Reading

So many things in my head regarding many different things. It's just hard not to talk to Angela. I've never met anyone as warm as her. I knew I needed comfort so I just went right through one of things sitting at the back of my head: the clarity I needed for 6 years; the chapter of my life that was once closed but for some reason it returned to that page of the book (my life). Thanks for your honesty and all the info you could give me. I don't mind giving you a review each time you give me any clarity; otherwise I'm gonna spend time asking questions and knowing the answers. Please feel how grateful I


Psychic Angela x9978 stars Chat Reading

I couldn't fall asleep despite taking sleeping tabs and I knew I had to address some things bothering my head. I saw Angela online and I told her I couldn't sleep. Immediately, without having to say much she figured out I was blown away by how fast she was able to pick up the energies tonight and I reckon I wasn't even the first client for that day, meaning she's been reading energies before me. I totally appreciate how swiftly you picked up the energies in this reading, Angela. Thanks for the guidance.


Psychic Angela x9978 stars Chat Reading

40 minutes wasn't enough to address everything else I had in mind. I thought I shouldn't spend a reading for some guy from the past that's why I didn't really dive in deep in this topic with Angela before. I felt like something must be uncovered because he kept appearing in my dreams at night. What she had told me revealed to me so many things. Thank you so much for answering my questions Angela it really means a lot to me.


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Psychic Vontessa x3623 stars Chat Reading

I was still able to get that sense of clarity and not just an answer and question thing (when I have so many things to contemplate I'm not sure if few questions will do haha). I will connect with you again when I get a good chance. I'm so sorry I had so many issues but omg YOU WERE SO PATIENT. I had asked you quite challenging, vague questions mixed with legal issue but instead of declining help, you did your best to help me anyway. I am very very touched by this reading. Thank you for the messages you have channeled. Gosh,


Psychic Natasha x4836 stars Phone Reading

DIRECT & ANSWERS ALL QUESTIONS FAST! While I normally expect my readings to go further than my actual questions and uncover more details, I TOTALLY appreciate her approach of being direct because she's probably mindful of the client's minutes. I'm glad I got answers in a SHORT amount of time. Blessings to you Natasha, I think I'll call again sometime.


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Psychic Angela x9978 stars Phone Reading

She gets busy with clients a lot but she was able to give me feedback I needed quickly. I really love her non-biased readings especially about the guy I like rather than those you hear from regular acquaintances/friends who come from their experience whereas Angela tells you what she sees without judging the person; she has given me a lot of positive things about that guy but she also told me a personality trait that I would consider unpleasing (he likes showing off that he's good with girls). Usually we would say that is bad and a big red flag, and all Angela did was tell me what she sees without the bias and judgmental comments. In fact, she is very understanding of people and where they come from. Angela has been filled with positivity right from the beginning and I would love to requite that each time so sorry if things can be heavy for you to hear sometimes but thank you so much for your non-stop positivity and uplifting energy. I normally chat with Angela but this time I chose to do a quick phone reading about something quick. One day, I'd love to meet her and give her a hug that denotes my gratitude for the help she has given not only to me but to each life she touches. Gracias Angela. I love you my beautiful advisor!


Psychic Angela x9978 stars Chat Reading

Gracias, as always. I gained clarity again. You are very quick to pick up when we talk about him and I really thank you for continuously listening to me. You taught me to follow my heart and here I am still doing so. You are aware of how much he matters to me and you don't get tired of listening to me and I hope you'll never do.. Thank you my Divine mother!


Psychic Angela x9978 stars Chat Reading

You are so amazing, Angela. Your compassion is so rare. By this I don't mean that she tells you things you want to hear; by this I mean that even if what she sees may hurt you, she knows how to deliver it and it is in a non-biased perspective. She uses her gifts so well. Other Psychics try to act like counselors and refuse to use their gifts. Thank you for our wonderful connection; it helps me survive in this crazy world I live in. You understand me the most.


Psychic Angela x9978 stars Chat Reading

Quick to pick up! Whenever we talk about him, we are so easily connected. Angela, I really hope the major prediction will happen. I look so forward to it and thank you for giving no biased views on him. You really pick up on his wonderful soul like the way I see how wonderful he is. Thank you for your beautiful reading.


Psychic Angela x9978 stars Chat Reading

She actually said something wise in this reading that made me feel better. I had been doing readings with other Psychics but no connection as special as I have with Angela. She truly is a compassionate one and it's not because she tells you things you want to hear; she is just really sweet and warm. There was a dilemma in one of my readings before and I told her that I was sad about it that I felt that she wasn't concerned. Her response was genuinely compassionate and was so apologetic. I even felt bad that I had to be frank because I really felt her concern and genuine intention to make me feel better. Sorry if this doesn't seem like a review everyone expects to be, but I have to really say Angela is one of the special ones, for real. So, in this reading, she said something wise about the challenges I'm going through and helped me see the bigger picture better. She is very connected to the Divine and that's probably why she was able to give me that insight swift enough. To be honest it doesn't feel right when I don't get a reading with Angela. Like there's a longing to speak to her because her warm and sweet energy can aid enough in mellowing someone. Gracias.