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Psychic Holly x9605

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Featured Review Showg610 6/14/2020 stars Phone Reading

Enjoy the reading great advice blowed my mind

marlen1985 10/24/2020 stars Phone Reading

To the point! Loved it

NicoleRene92 10/23/2020 stars Phone Reading

Never seems to amaze me! I always call her when I need guidance and she is always right on the money. She has been way more right than she has wrong and so many predictions have passed.

Sheila516 10/20/2020 stars Phone Reading

Holly is my go to. She's been right more times than not. Last prediction came true. Looking forward to see if the next one does too. Love her!

pebbles15 10/4/2020 stars Phone Reading

Gave excellent advise, Holly, has always been direct and very honest. I have spoken to her several times and 98% of the time she was been spot on with her predictions. Love talking to her and she is very calming her & will call again.

Ceew3346 9/19/2020 stars Phone Reading

I have never used a psychic before however, Holly is my now new therapist basically. She reassured me of my current situation and gave the same outcome that family and friends have given me. She also included details that other people do not know and gave me insight on things that me and my boyfriend have not told other people. She is awesome and I cannot wait for our next session.

Holly replied...

“C” I loved our reading too!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read for you!!! Your life is about to be blessed in soooo many ways, claim it! I look forward to many future readings with you, I’m here for you know that anytime. Blessings, love and light!

LookingForward 9/18/2020 stars Phone Reading

I started off by saying I was using my 10-min membership call so I had the time available. but whenever I asked a question, she would give a short/blunt answer, very general. Needless to say, I didn't get to use my entire 10 minutes because every question was met with a short answer.

Holly replied...

Awwwww sorry to hear you felt that way, I’m direct so I download the info quickly and accurately as given by my angels and guides. We discussed past lives, meditation and that you were a Shaman in a past life, you seemed happy with your reading and we spoke for seven minutes out of the ten. You don’t loose your minutes btw you can apply those to a future reading. All the best to you and I hope you find a reader you love we are the best out there!!!

Marnie 9/17/2020 stars Phone Reading

Not really impressed. Overall I think she was just winging it.

Holly replied...

Sorry you weren’t happy with your reading. Sometimes there just isn’t a connection and just hang up and call back to customer service right away because we do wish you to have a terrific reading!!! This can happen where the energies aren’t a match. Winging it.....No I trust the info that’s given to me and you specifically asked when he would reach out and I said in October, perhaps that wasn’t what you wanted to hear, I’m direct as in my bio states, blessings.

Ryokaboy 9/16/2020 stars Phone Reading

Gave excellent advice. Highly recommend.

Holly replied...

Thank you always a pleasure to assist.....blessings xoxoxo

Aiesha38 9/8/2020 stars Phone Reading

She was very good and helpful

Holly replied...

I enjoyed reading for you! I’m sending you good energy and know your job situation is a blessing, see it, feel it, believe it! I look forward to our next reading....blessings