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Psychic Fabiola x3277

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Featured Review Dogsrule 4/3/2021 stars Chat Reading

She was very accurate & gave good advice

kittycat12 4/6/2021 stars Phone Reading

I always enjoy talking to Fabiola. She has a great personality and sense of humor as well as a gift to see situations and what is going on and what the outcome will be.

vissepod 4/5/2021 stars Chat Reading

I have spoken to Fabiola a few times about a particular situation. Last time I spoke to her she was very clear on what would happened and so it did. Today I followed up with her and she gave me instruction and said that we will talk again... And I feel very strongly that I should follow. Fabiola is direct but compassionate. I will definitely follow up after this reading.

user4325 4/2/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thanks for the reading dear. It was a good session and I connect with you. God bless

Lovelynae 4/1/2021 stars Chat Reading

I would like to give her 5 stars. She was very gentle with me. Sometimes you come to these readings and the advisor can be abrupt and mean. She was fast, sweet, and doesn't want to waist your money. I enjoyed talking to her. Her prediction is a ways out, but it aligns with my gut and with what others have said. She also gave me a prediction that I was surprised about, but it matched our future plans! So exciting. She didn't give me fluff either, so appreciate that. Thank you Ms. Fabiola.

RedVelvetCat 3/28/2021 stars Chat Reading

Thank you for giving me your honest insight. It was a very short chat, but I feel a little more hopeful knowing where my problem is in approach to love. Thank you so much. I hope to chat again when the time comes :)

MeganU 3/28/2021 stars Chat Reading

She has read me two times now and I am very grateful for her insights on the subjects we have spoken about! very wise and gentle. I am much more comfortable about what to expect in the coming months. Definitely would recommend her to anyone who asks!

luvschocolate 3/23/2021 stars Chat Reading

Refreshingly honest & to-the-point.

freespirit1990 3/21/2021 stars Chat Reading

She is always kind and clear! Amazing!

Jhausm1948 3/21/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Fabiola for making me laugh at myself and not take things so seriously. You lifted my spirits.