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Psychic Esme x3498

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Featured Review Jenniejones 5/28/2021 stars Phone Reading

Wow!!!! Just wow!!!! words cannot describe how phenomenal she was in my reading!!!! immediately, the only information I gave to her were names and date of births!!! I told her to tell me what she sees, and that’s just what she did!!! Everything she said was true!!! It was either happening or happened!!! I didn’t explain anything to her, I didn’t tell her about my life until after she spoke!!! The reading was quick, accurate and to the point! This is not an Exaggeration!!!!!! Call her!!! You will not regret it!!! Trust me!!! Esme is truly gifted and a phenomenal advisor she is now in my favorites list and I will call her again!!!!!!

jess1234 9/3/2021 stars Chat Reading

great reading

aakriti 8/23/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Esme for making me feel so much better. It’s always a pleasure speaking with you. Esme is great! She is always able to pick up quickly on my situation.

abbtreze 8/20/2021 stars Phone Reading

I didn’t want a specific reading yet she read everything I really wanted to know. She was on point with details about my current situation and great solutions. I enjoyed talking with her

jjurado 8/11/2021 stars Phone Reading

Kinda disappointed. Lot of pointed questions - I came here because I don't know :(

Jennifer1963 8/10/2021 stars Phone Reading

Esme is always a calm voice of reason. Love talking to her!!!

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Cascadenomad 7/26/2021 stars Chat Reading

First time texting with you. I enjoy our conversations but not sure if we connected as well in chat. probably just me

Loveli 7/26/2021 stars Chat Reading

Esme was great! Tuned into me very quickly and was able to pick up on my guy’s personality well. Her insight was incredible. Let’s see what transpires!

Ripples 7/24/2021 stars Chat Reading


Roni0591 7/23/2021 stars Chat Reading

Esme is always accurate with my situations and fast. Always a pleasure speaking with her.