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Psychic Amanda x9695

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Featured Review Britney_Lashay 10/3/2019 stars Chat Reading

Enjoyed my readings with Amanda, she’s very understanding and reassuring. The connections were spot on :)

heaven08 10/10/2019 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Amanda for your kindness and encouragement. I appreciate you!

DieLiebeIstSeltsam 10/6/2019 stars Chat Reading

It simply astounds me, how she knows what I am thinking and feeling without me giving anything away, and sometimes, I hop about, mad and laughing at the same time, that she nonchalantly read me accurately without batting an eyelash. I'd chat about other topics of concern, and then she drops the bomb about what's at the back of my mind that I don't want to speak about, and then I concede that she's correct. I'm sure she chuckles with her little "victories", and I shake my head in delightful bewilderment about how good she is. She's tolerant of my obstinacy, and never gets mad or impatient with me. So many of her predictions have come to pass, of situations which I could never have had control over, so that in essence, none of those were self-fulfilling prophecies. Two more of them at this time are coming true again. I do speak with other psychics, but she's the one whom I speak with most of the time. She's so much more than a psychic. She's probably THE closest person to my heart, since that's where I hide my secrets, and she can see them, which makes me hop about again, knowing that she can see me through all the little barriers I carry around my secrets. I'm hooked on her. She cannot get rid of me anymore. Her kindness, humor, patience, accuracy, compassion and empathy have all been instrumental in my little claim on her, that she's one of my best friends in the whole world. I'm the luckiest person in the world to have found and kept her. I suggest that you do the same and "discover" her, and let her discover and help you on your journey in life.

Jace1111 10/1/2019 stars Chat Reading

I absolutely LOVE Amanda. She is so accurate and spot on with what comes through. She's really helped me through some things.

love185394 9/27/2019 stars Chat Reading

She is wonderful! Love my readings with her. Thank you, Amanda!

bianca 9/20/2019 stars Chat Reading

Amanda is beyond amazing! Her accuracy is incredible! Love her!

Mandy02 9/4/2019 stars Chat Reading

She was able to tune in to my poi seemingly very well. She understood him and his personality, and though I don’t have the ability to know his mind as of right now, I believe she understood that as well. 5 stars for her ability to pick up on the current happenings, and I am very hopeful about her predictions, which have not happened quite yet, though there is time yet.

Kcombs 9/1/2019 stars Chat Reading

My first read with Amanda and she was spot on! She is so caring and so accurate! Thank you! I will call again for sure! KC

Purelove 8/29/2019 stars Chat Reading

Amanda you are absolutely a sweetheart, I really felt at ease chatting with you. To me it seems you were very honest about my bf and you prepared me for the future. I am hoping the prediction comes true. I will definitely be reaching out to you more!!

Jojorio 8/25/2019 stars Chat Reading

Great reading, did not need prompting. She just felt what I was feeling and continued to amaze me. Thank you Amanda!!