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Psychic Stella x7343 stars Chat Reading

Stella is very kind and nice to speak to. She is quick and does not waste your time and money. Very genuine and honest. She told me what I needed to hear not what I wanted to hear. I can feel that she really cares about her client's well-being. Thank you, Stella. I will definitely come back when a shift occurs.


Psychic Narnia x7735 stars Chat Reading

First time reading with Narnia. She is very nice and professional. Her readings about my POI hit all the points without me saying anything. Her prediction is in line with most advisors. The timeline and some insights she gave me seem accurate based on what is going on with the persons involved. I will definitely return for another reading. Narnia is now one of my favorite top advisors. Thank you, Narnia.


Psychic June x3606 stars Chat Reading

First time reading with June. She is very nice, professional, and quick on answering my questions. Her readings are in line with 90% of readings I have had with other advisors. She gave guided timeline which is still a few months away. I am waiting for her prediction to come to pass. Will definitely return for another reading to update on the predictions. Thank you, June. Appreciated your time today.


Psychic Sammie x8496 stars Phone Reading

First time reading with Sammie. She is nice, calm, and polite. She picked up on my POI quickly and quite on point. However, what she described about the 3rd person involved and her answers are completely different from other readings I have had in the last three months. It wasn't what I wanted to hear but perhaps it was what I need to hear. So, we will see which predictions will come to pass.


Psychic Ginger x3037 stars Chat Reading

Superb! Ginger is very nice and easy to speak to. I have great connection with her. She is also fast and doesn't waste any time. I have had 3 readings with Ginger and so far she was spot-on and accurate on my POI and another person she is seeing. I had a few readings with other advisors but Ginger gave me the most detailed and accurate information. Now I am waiting for her predictions to come to pass. Many thanks, Ginger.