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Psychic Leota x3587 stars Chat Reading

Chatting with Leota always feels like I'm speaking to my friend! She tunes in so quickly to a new update of the situation and I love that I can feel her excitement too when she sees good things!! The updates really meant a lot coming from her because I trust her the most. And there were questions I haven't even typed and she answered me already! Thank you so much once again Leota:)


Psychic Leota x3587 stars Chat Reading

Leota thank you so much for your guidance. You made so much sense and somewhere in me probably knew the answer already. You always know what I need to hear and what's best for me and I'm really thankful for that. I wish I had more funds to have longer conversations with you but yep I'm gonna focus on myself and my happiness:) I'll come back with positive energy the next round:)


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Psychic Silver x3621 stars Chat Reading

Chatting with Silver is so pleasant! She's one of my favourites here:) She tuned in quickly and gave an accurate update about what's going on and prepared me for what's coming up. And she knows what I'm worrying about without me saying haha. Thank you so much Silver! Blessed Christmas Eve to you!


Psychic Leota x3587 stars Chat Reading

Leota I'm so sorry I got cut off:( But thank you so much for always being there for me!! There's literally no one else I can talk to this about so you're really important to me. It really wasn't easy and you picked up on that but what you said was so reassuring and you told me what's going on on his side so it put my mind at ease too. Blessed Christmas Eve to you! I can never thank you enough.


Psychic Melaina x9738 stars Chat Reading

Been trying to chat with Melaina for the longest time but the time zone I'm in made it difficult. Glad I was guided to log in today! Melania is so friendly and tuned in quickly to the situation. She gave me fast answers to all my questions and predictions too. I've been so anxious and worrying about everything but I feel so much more reassured now because we connected well and she is so confident. Thank you so much!


Psychic Leota x3587 stars Chat Reading

Thank you once again Leota:) You're really my go-to here and I appreciate you so much. Feel like I can really confide in you when I can't see things clearly and you never fail to form the strong connection quickly and it's like you understand me better than myself and my POI too of course.


Psychic Leota x3587 stars Chat Reading

Honestly one of the best advisors on site, wish i spoke to her earlier:/ Friendly, reassuring and the connection with her was so strong and everything she mentioned was accurate even though it was only through chat. She completely understood what was going on with my POI and gave me advice on what I might end up doing wrong so I won't fall into that. Thank you so much Leota, you were really like a friend to me:) Will chat with you again but kinda hope not because it will mean things are going well already heh:p


Psychic Selene x8938 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much Selene, I enjoyed talking to you so much:) Selene was very honest about what her cards were showing and she also explained to me the situation so I understood why the answer was as such. Felt so relieved after speaking to her. She didn't sugar coat and I really appreciated that. And it's crazy that she understood my POI exactly the way he is when I didn't say anything about it so I really believe what she sees coming is accurate. Thank you so much once again!


Psychic Venus x8854 stars Chat Reading

Thank you for the honest reading and answering my questions with advice too:)


Psychic Narnia x7735 stars Chat Reading

Didn't have much time but Narnia gave me all the answers I needed. She really understood my feelings and my POI's side of the story make sense too. Thank you!