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Psychic Angela x9978 stars Phone Reading

This reading was a bit confusing and I felt as though the more information she was given then the prediction changed


Psychic Nova x3615 stars Phone Reading

First reading with Nova. It won’t be my last. The information just flowed and she was very patient with answering my questions. Even though I provided her with an overview of what I was calling about, she picked up on so many things that I did not mention to her. She is truly gifted. I will be back soon.


Psychic Cielo x3534 stars Phone Reading

I had a reading with Cielo several months ago about a then POI and she was able to pick up on a lot with regard to the dynamic. She told me that he was going to contact me and she was right in the timeframe that she predicted the contact would be. I have a new POI in my life so naturally I reached out to her again. I actually haven’t logged into this app in several months but figured I would login to talk to her since she was right about her predictions about the previous POI. Thank you


Psychic Seraphina x9023 stars Chat Reading

I have mixed feelings about Seraphina. While there are times when I feel as though she does pick up on the situation, she’s very inconsistent with her readings especially when it comes to the outcome. The outcome changes based on information that she is provided with. Which can be frustrating when you’re looking for answers.


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Psychic Ace x3562 stars Phone Reading

This is a mixed review for Ace. While information does flow quickly, The reading can be confusing because she is all over the place. Instead of focusing on the question at hand. I also feel as though that it seems like she’s too eager to talk that she doesn’t fully listen to the question, assumes she knows what you are asking and proceeds with providing you information that you did not ask for which can be frustrating because it cuts into the time. The best readings are the ones that are clear that answers the actual question that you are calling in about and doesn’t leave you confused.