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Psychic Shannon x9081 stars Phone Reading

I don’t really review but Shannon picked up the person who and why somehow I’m in the situation I’m right now. She also got to pick up he is a blockhead ... I hope prediction happens and will update when it does.


Psychic Sharon x9452 stars Phone Reading

After u told me about him being with someone else I got upset at u ... but I went an stalked his Facebook and looked to every girl in his profile... find out he was flirting and being lovely to someone and she is the same with him. I wanted to kill him, because he is an idiot I was about to leave a voicemail for him when I remembered what u told me ... so I calm down ... but hey 100% correct I did not know about it until u told me.


Psychic Mazie x7124 stars Phone Reading

The first two times I talked to her, she was on the Spot with contact. I was amazed. the 3rd time I contacted she was off, but I was rushing out, and I was not 100% concentrated on the person I question about it. The 4rd time I contacted her she said he will contact today Friday, early in the morning today ( Friday) I called her and she said he would contact today. She was on point he called , but I didn’t heard my phone - And she told me to make sure I had my phone close. I saw the miss call from him and I was super happy. Hope he makes a second attempt to talk to me today, but if not her contact prediction was accurate again. Thank you so much will call you soon