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Psychic Moira x7776 stars Phone Reading

O sorry the call ended before saying goodbye or thanking you...I wished I could talk more ...I felt love ,serenity, hope when I was hearing your voice ...although I am surrounded with bad people with bad intentions . I wish the divorce happens otherwise I will never be happy ...our life is paused for nothing ...I lost my career for nothing and the worst part is that we are both sad...I will always give you the 5 stars eventhough I don't know if the predictions will come to pass...plz pray for us ,N


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Psychic Rachelle x9814 stars Chat Reading

I wanted to rate Rachelle 4 as prediction are still soon to come to pass...they will start next month ...but I gave 5stars because of what she knew about the situation and what she sees ...she knows alot of the history without me saying anything...she is amazing - and so kind ...I love the photo and hat ...keep blessed dear


Psychic Moira x7776 stars Phone Reading

I just had a great reading with Moira...she described the situation as it truly is,,, I hope her predictions become a reality but this will show after spring...I wish I had a friend like Moira living with me ...such a blessing she is, her voice, her thoughts , her heart- I wish I can be a person like you Moira , I wish I can meet you one day ,,,all my best of wishes to you and your beloved sorry the phone call ended before I could thank case you read my review , just know simply I thank you and wish you all the best.


Psychic Bridgette x8133 stars Chat Reading

Bridgette understood the situation very well and described feelings and emotions of involved parties...I really hope her predictions come to pass exactly as she said ...I really think Bridgette is a great psychic...understanding very well the situation and describing what is behind the scenes ...this will show in months to come...Thank you Bridgette for making feel better and giving me hope...let's see


Psychic Bridgette x8133 stars Chat Reading

Hello I just had a chat reading with you and wanted to thank you so much ...I couldn't talk more ..but I know I will be back...thank you so much ...lots of love


Psychic Vincent x9248 stars Chat Reading

Hello Sir... I just had a chat with you and was really surprised how you recognised me although I chatted with u only once 3months ago and u remembered the whole story sorry I couldn't manage to thank you because my credit finished and couldn't add funds ...sorry ...but I just wanted to thank you for now ...Warm Regards ,Bila


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Psychic Bridgette x8133 stars Chat Reading

Reading was great...understood the situation quickly and I know what position I am in without trying to explain although I kept explaining...I hope predictions come true as Bridgette is confident and sure they will happen...I thank her so much and wish all the best to everyone


Psychic Therese x7215 stars Chat Reading

Therese is so great ...the encouragement I got and positive feed back kept me strong...she understood the whole situation before even explaing ...I hope the predictions will come true as I believe so...thank u dear for your kind support ..all the best for everyone


Psychic Kristine x8223 stars Phone Reading

I rate Kristine more than 5...she is so sweet..can't find words Just talked to her and hope all comes true... I still wanted to know about a new job ,if I had any chance for it in a new country ,But my minutes were finished and the call was ended ..hope I can call again and get my answer. Thank you sweet Kristine...