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Psychic Cassandra x3169 stars Phone Reading

After the original call was unintentionally cut off I called Cassandra back and we continued a deeper discussion of the current issues in my relationship, as well as some issues related to work. I consider Cassandra a gift in my life. She is always gentle, direct and accurate with her insights. She is a wonderful listener and easily adjusts as additional questions arise from the reading. I treasure my connection with her. She is a go-to for me. I highly recommend her.


Psychic Cassandra x3169 stars Phone Reading

Cassandra is a gentle, kind, exceptional empath who clearly sees clearly into a situation. She guided me through many levels of my relationship journey and has always been specific and accurate. This call got unintentionally cut off but even if I had not recalled Cassandra had provided so much information that I would have been satisfied. I will call again and highly recommend her.


Psychic Avery x3538 stars Phone Reading

Early morning call with Avery. She is always direct, on target and compassionate. Avery provided very clear insights on a relationship that continues to ebb and flow in an ever evolving dance. Avery is a treasure in what she is able to see and the guidance she can provide. A favorite go-to for me. Highly recommended.


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Psychic Avery x3538 stars Phone Reading

Avery is a treasure. So kind, gentle and on target. She gently offers her insights in a compassionate way. I find sessions with her to not only be accurate but comforting. My questions are always answered after a session with Avery. I highly recommend her.


Psychic Juliette x9440 stars Phone Reading

Juliette was a treat. She was very gentle but direct and specific in her insights. She made me feel very comfortable as she looked into the issues of my concerns. In the past I had not chosen her, now I wish I had. Truly a gifted reader and gentle, kind person. I certainly recommend her.


Psychic Melody x7909 stars Phone Reading

Melody always offers very specific, detailed readings. I appreciate her warmth and clarity of information. I highly recommend her.


Psychic Cassandra x3169 stars Phone Reading

Cassandra is a gift. She is sweet, kind and gentle, but very clear and direct in her insights. She was affirming about my sense of my situations and offered specific insights that I can consider as I move forward. It is always a pleasure to speak with Cassandra. I highly recommend her.


Psychic Robbin x9341 stars Phone Reading

It has been several months since I last spoke with Robbin. She is a gentle, kind reader. She receives direct guidance on issues and she was clear, quick and direct on the topics of my concern. It was a pleasure to reconnect, I look forward to speaking with her again. I recommend her highly.


Psychic Rowan x3571 stars Phone Reading

Rowan was very gentle and direct. She did not hesitate to focus in on my questions and provided clear guidance to help me manage my expectations. I appreciate her courtesy and kindness. Would recomend.


Psychic Gemini x3084 stars Phone Reading

Gemini is always 5 stars, she's clear direct and gentle. It was good to connect once again with her after so long. As always she is on point and helps guide me on my path forward. Recommended highly.