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Psychic Pippa x4679

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  • Specialties: Clairvoyant, Love Psychic, Career Psychic
  • Tools: Tarot, Astrology, Can Read Without Tools
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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  • Career & Finances - 34
  • Life, Destiny & Meaning - 19
  • Loss & Grieving - 9
  • Love, Relationships & Family - 47

More About Pippa

Years of Experience: 18

I have worked as a full time psychic and tarot reader for over 15 years and realized at a very young age that visualizing and feeling different people's energies around myself was becoming more of an everyday gift which I then started to use to help people from all walks of life. I will look into the deeper aspects of relationships, reviewing each person's character, determining if an ex will be reconnecting, or understanding what you want and what the other person loves about you, too.

My unique ability is addressing dates and timings in readings, using the astrology skills that I have acquired over the years. I use these skills to relate to dates, timings, and descriptions during astrological transitions in your life. There will also be many life path reasons as to why you are where you are in your life now, which I will also explain in your reading and will hopefully be fascinating for you to hear too.

I was voted Top Psychic and Top Relationship Psychic in my region, which has made me truly appreciate and value my clients. This has helped me build a trusting, personal and empathic bond with each client.

Currently a life coach, therapist, and full-time reader, I will explain how to find true love by following your psychic intuition. This will help anyone to seek out their true love just by feeling this energy. I can guide you through this if you would like to find your highest intuitive levels to attract new love. I will also show you how to use this in your everyday life to attract many things you wish for yourself, too. In a very detailed, descriptive way, I will describe what you will attract into your life as your true love soul mate and when this can happen in what month/year.

If you would like to find a new career path or if the job you are in is currently not where you will stay, let me look at this in greater detail. Often, I can pick up on your passion and when this change will come into your life.

I love to use my Ryder Waite Tarot cards to determine what kind of story is in front of you, from the past, into the present, to the future. I will share detailed information which will soon unravel itself to you in various ways, so you are no longer feeling unsure or unsettled in your life. You will come away feeling uplifted and reassured from your reading. 

Empathic, sensitive, grounded, and very intuitive, it will feel like I have known you for years, and straight away, you will feel connected and at ease. I look forward to reading for you. Blessings to you.

Words of Wisdom

Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein

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4½ stars

73 reviews since Feb 2021

Featured Review Empathicmama629 5/24/2021 stars Chat Reading

Pippa was amazingly accurate, great advice very gifted psychic, I feel I have clarity

luhope2049 1/31/2023 stars Chat Reading

Kind and compassionate with quick responses.

jakester62771 11/30/2022 stars Phone Reading

Hi, Pippa! Thank you for your insight! Although I'm not quite sure what you meant when you said that reaching out to her at this time would be 'dangerous'. I look forward to finding out in our next reading. Thx again!

Pippa replied...

Hi thank you for your feedback and lovely to speak to you again, I think we have spoken since but fingers crossed for this new love to come to you soon, it feels promising x

Rose Quartz 11/30/2022 stars Phone Reading

Nothing against her, I just couldn’t get a straight answer out of her. I feel like either she didn’t know or she was beating around the bush.

Pippa replied...

Really sorry, might be I wasnt too sure on a few things and needed to pick up more about the situation in due course, as sometimes things can take time, wishing you the best of luck x

mamihelen 11/23/2022 stars Chat Reading

A very good reading here. She is so good in what she is doing. Thank you very much.

Pippa replied...

Thank you so much hellen for your lovely review, really enjoyed the reading and glad you did too xx blessings to you

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