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Psychic Myrrha x4909 stars Chat Reading

Myrrha is a pleasure. Kind. Intuitive. Direct and very gifted. I enjoy my chats with her.


Psychic Victoria x3357 stars Chat Reading

Victoria is really wise. Maybe some on this site can read something for you and I might feel clinical even. You will feel worse. Victoria can read and explain it in the big picture. The big picture always helps take in the perspective. Why it’s hard now but why does it matter also. Veronica is a gem.


Psychic Maddie x7647 stars Chat Reading

Maddie is exceptional. She is warm and intelligent and gifted. She has great insights to share and doesn’t get lost in the weeds. She will focus on what you ask and follow you.


Psychic Raven x3620 stars Chat Reading

Raven is a very passionate and happy psychic. So willing to find the answers and explore the mysteries of universe. She is a special soul.


Psychic Angel x4799 stars Chat Reading

Stellar. Angel went into a sort of depth I was hoping for and she seemed able to validate and give more insight into the feelings I was experiencing. Highly recommend Angel.


Psychic Laveau x4894 stars Chat Reading

Laveau is a wonderful advisor. She is warm, non judgmental, patient and very insightful. I have spoken to her a few times and she is consistently on target.


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Psychic Lakshmi x9725 stars Chat Reading

Lakshmi is unfailingly able to see into what we feel and validate it and give greater insight as to why we have something in our lives. I trust her insight greatly. I highly recommend her.


Psychic Dove x9988 stars Chat Reading

Dove is a very old soul, who sees the connections from things long ago. If you are open, she can help you see it too.


Psychic Kittie x3602 stars Chat Reading

Kittie is very gifted. She is direct and honest and sees things clearly if you ask her for help.


Psychic Tillie x4807 stars Chat Reading

Tillie is a warm soul with so much life experience to share. She’s an old soul with charm, humor and many gifts.