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Psychic Yulie x4788 stars Phone Reading

I felt she was on point and said things no other has said that seem true to me. She nailed some things no one else knew about and I think she has a gift.


Psychic Lilith x4997 stars Chat Reading

First reading with Lilith. I have a feeling she was right on target with everythiing. She got things right that others got wrong and I believe her predictions are proabably accurate. The way she relayed things and dynamics between people sounded right to me. It will be interesting to see what comes to frutiion in the next year but so far she has been accurate with things others got wrong. She doesn't appease she says what she sees.


Psychic Nisa x4865 stars Phone Reading

I'm not easily convinced. Nisa said things that were "on" that no one else said, e.g. that she saw my POI moving around (I learned this is correct - for work - a lot), and also that I would have 3 offers not the 2 I told her about and she was spot on ..virtually the next morning I got a 3rd option. These two thing. I also think she pegged some personalities really well which makes me have faith in the reading.


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Psychic Leota x3587 stars Chat Reading

Leota got something no one else did - she saw CT for me, and that ended up being correct. I kept talking about MA and she said 'why do I keep seeing you in CT' and life just happened and CT ended up being the center of this and NEVER would I have imagined that.


Psychic Bella Skye x8262 stars Phone Reading

I feel that Bella is gifted. I'm waiting to see if things come to pass and this system won't let me wait until then to leave a review. She was right on some things and I was impressed by her.


Psychic Yana x9104 stars Chat Reading

WOW ..I have never heard something so likely accurate and good and fast from a psychic before


Psychic Irena x8086 stars Phone Reading



Psychic Kallie x3478 stars Chat Reading

I think Kallie has a gift. She gave a prediction waiting to see what happens! She is uplifting with good energy too.


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Psychic Vesper x4798 stars Chat Reading

I thought she hit everything on the head and accurate.


Psychic Indra x4983 stars Chat Reading

Indra is the best here. Just ask your question and let him speak. You don't have to say anything else and he will just keep telling you things as it comes in. He does remote viewing with great insight and has been accurate.