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Psychic Avery x3538 stars Phone Reading

I’ve been reading with Avery for a couple months now on various subject matters. She delivers messages honestly but compassionately. This last time blew me away when she was able to connect with my Grandma and was able to confirm that it was actually her.


Psychic Carla x7682 stars Phone Reading

I loved talking to her. It was like talking to a friend very detailed and honest.


Psychic Rachelle x9814 stars Chat Reading

She was correct about POI already seeing lawyers and papers were in the works.


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Psychic Carly x3151 stars Phone Reading

She said that POI would reach out in 3 days.. and he did. 3 days on the dot !


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Psychic Morgan x3147 stars Chat Reading

I normally don’t try new advisors and neither do I review readings immediately after a session. Morgan knew what I was inquiring about before I finished sending the question. She speaks directly from her angels and relays the messages to me. I definitely recommend Morgan as she is very detailed and quick in a very short amount of time.


Psychic Jaylynn x3099 stars Chat Reading

I should’ve ended chat but I paid for more hoping that she would be able to pick up if I had given her more time. Unfortunately, she kept repeating the same thing the entire 10 minutes and answered my question after asking it 5 times.


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Psychic Rheda x8860 stars Chat Reading

Back in May, Rheda said that POI will completely change by the end of the month. I waited and it didn’t happen. I went back to Rheda and told her that it didn’t happen. She then said that it is very comforting when we rely on timelines when it comes true but we can’t really hold on to it. So she said that she feels really strong about end of June. I didn’t really think much of the prediction and just focused on myself. Then what to do you know... I received a very kind text about POI wanting to be better and change.


Psychic Vincent x9248 stars Phone Reading

I asked Vincent why POI hasn’t contacted me or responded to me because we have a few things to discuss outside of our relationship. (He hasn’t spoken to me for a few days so I had to ask Vincent). Instead of him answering why, he said to wait a little more. POI responded a few hours later and from that contact, he explained why he didn’t contact me.


Psychic Vincent x9248 stars Phone Reading

Hi Vincent!! I’m sorry that we got cut off. I will speak to you again soon !! Vincent is so fun to talk to. He has always stood by his readings and always reassures me when I feel a little jittery. A few predictions came to pass. I highly recommend as he does not go off track, tunes in very quickly, very personable and I promise that he will remember you. Thank you xoxoxoxo!!!


Psychic Betty x7514 stars Phone Reading

3 stars because she blew me away with picking up the situation both quickly and accurately. However, not very good with timeline or prediction. This is the second time I called her and she was wrong about timeline.