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  • Specialties: Career Psychic, Love Psychic, Intuitive/Empath
  • Tools: Astrology, Angel Cards, Tarot
  • Reading Style: Direct

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Years of Experience: 22

Hi, I’m Nixie - a natural-born empathic, healer and intuitive...*WE ARE CREATING THE FUTURE NOW* So, as far as predictions go...let's work together with your guides to create your best timeline through manifestation!

I do intuitive tarot & love readings for star crossed lovers plus abundance & career readings for boss babe empresses, emperors.

My specialty is twin flame and soul connection readings for spiritual ascension advice for the journey to harmonious union.

I also read for everyone in between.

I can read your person's energy - or the energy around yourself and your situation. I can tell you what your spirit guides say about your situation and the best advice from them for your best and highest good. I will need your name and zodiac plus the name and zodiac of the person of interest to read the energy.

** For best results, we should talk for a minimum of 15 minutes on one subject and 30 minutes is ideal for multiple subjects or questions...especially for all encompassing LOVE and CAREER questions.**

*Caution: My guides are spicy; they want YOU to take ownership of your own life and create your own reality. They want you to realize your worth & that no one but yourself can fill the void that can only be filled with self-love and being in alignment with your creator. If you are giving your power away to people or situations outside yourself, they will let me know. They want YOU to know this.

*For example: If you were to call asking "When will *your person* contact you again...?" They will let me know if your person is married or seeing someone else, and I will then be instructed to ask you: "Why do you feel you are only worthy of being this person's second option?" "Do you not feel worthy of anything more than that?" There are self-worth issues there that need to be healed. The person you are inquiring about will not be able to fix that. You are love, and when you embody love in your life it is magnetized to you in equal measure. If you wonder why you can't seem to find a person who values you or loves you with unconditional devotion, it points to some form of self-healing you must do in how you view yourself and how you expect to be treated by someone you are connected to.

My guides want you to understand your worth and claim your power. They want you to manifest greatness in your life because you feel you are worthy of true love and abundance. But first you must embody that in yourself.

Be Prepared: I am empathic, and my intuition has never failed, If Spirit tells me to tell you the truth about yourself or your person, I will not hold back. I will not sugarcoat things or try to sell you rainbows and unicorns - as reality is a duality of shadow and light. In order to have a fulfilling life on this earth plane, we all need to come to a certain truth: that healing is first OUR job individually, and when we become a whole person we make the best partners in love and abundance.

*Note on predictions: I don't hold the ideology that I can "predict" YOUR future...time is fluid, it's non-linear, and your opportunities are endless - so, your future is never set in stone - but rather there are a multitude of possible timelines for YOU to CHOOSE based on your current thoughts, feelings and actions in the present moment.

As we all ascend into this new energy on Earth, we are each our own active REALITY CREATORS...each in our own lives. I can help you choose the right path for you to take so that you can reach your best and highest good. I will also help guide you in trusting your own intuition, as we can both tap into the same source and inner knowing.

I read tarot to help you get inspiration & answers so that you can thrive. I started reading tarot to help spiritually minded individuals get answers to the most perplexing mysteries in their lives and to help them make their dreams a reality. With my comprehensive personal readings, you’ll unearth renewed confidence and get sound spiritual advice to help you thrive in love, career, abundance and family life!

See you on the other side!

- Nixie

Words of Wisdom

Find Your Clarity Through My Intuitive Tarot Readings where I help you Get Love & Abundance Guidance For Your Future, Today! - Nixie

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16 reviews since Sep 2021

VirginiaDiana 2/4/2023 stars Phone Reading

I wasn't able to say thank you but thank you. It was what I NEEDED to hear in order to move forward. I understand now and will take your advice. Blessings!

ohioshelley 10/31/2022 stars Phone Reading

Nixie is a godsend. She filled the whole 30 minutes with nothing but amazing, practical, helpful truth about my twin flame connection. It felt like I got the value of a reading 3 times as long. She was concise and direct and every word was exactly what I needed to hear. This journey is not one for the faint at heart, and I am so grateful for her help! I now know exactly what I need to focus on.

aswopes 8/19/2022 stars Phone Reading

The reading was accurate and really spoke to me. The insight I received really resonated with my life!

tlwaldron3 8/7/2022 stars Phone Reading

Not just spot on, but what a true connection and understanding. Clear and straight forward. You took the time to ensure I understand each turn. Thank you, you do know how much this impacted everything I am working to understand.

CrystalE 5/28/2022 stars Phone Reading

First reading with her was good. Messages were clear. No real predictions though.

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