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Psychic Angelica x9393 stars Chat Reading

My first time paying for my reading with you but not my first time having a reading with you. When we tried out DM I reached out to you and you were on point then. Thx u for being so honest and giving me the truth in such a compassionate manner. You were right bout E and bout my gut telling me this. Thx I thx u.. plz pray for me


Psychic Naomi x3628 stars Chat Reading

Naomi thx u so much for the reading. Even though you were only gone for a couple of weeks, I missed checking in with you.... so glad you’re back. Im bummed we can no longer communicate via phone bc you have a very soothing manner bout you and i love hearing your delivery of your readings, very professional.... but it’s ok bc I can still look forward to your chats :) I’m hoping your prediction comes to fruition and I look forward to chatting again! Have a good day!


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Psychic Naomi x3628 stars Phone Reading

The last two times I read I was on the fence but she was right both times. Her predictions about both situations happened exactly like she said. I was stunned. Only thing is we got cut off when you were going to tell me when he would communicate next... can you please message me and let me know Thx Naomi !! You’re the best and so sweet :)


Psychic Naomi x3628 stars Phone Reading

Hey Naomi! Thx so much for reading for me. Thanks for clarifying ... im still not sure bout his feelings for me but this just a wait and see. Thx u so much for your kindness and sincerity. I’ll update you!


Psychic MaryJane x3638 stars Phone Reading

Hey Mary Jane! Thx for the reading! I’m not sure what to think tbh but I love how personable you are and sincere. Thx u for clarifying .. I waited for you to msg me... you said you’d make sure to msg bc we ran out of time...and you were answering my question but it cut you off... can you Plz msg me? :) thx


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Psychic MaryJane x3638 stars Phone Reading

Im stunned and just a little freaked out by how accurate Mary Jane was. I didn’t tell her anything and she told me everything bout this person and what was transpiring between he and I and her reading was in less than 4 mins. Geez... you couldn’t be more accurate in the reading ... thx u so much for reading for me and thx u for being so considerate in asking me if I wanted to know certain things which I didn’t and you respected that. Almost like you knew what I was thinking. To top it all off she was gentle, kind and of course, accurate.


Psychic Naomi x3628 stars Phone Reading

Naomi, if I could give you more stars I would. I’m sorry I could only fund for a brief time which had you rushing but in that brief moment you provided so much information that was completely right on the money. I get readings that haven’t blown me away but you provide so much detail. I couldn’t put the phone down bc it was just amazing to me. I finally found my go to advisor that doesn’t give me fluff, nor generic answers, but details that completely resonate. Thx u so much! You validated what i was feeling and happening in my work and personal life.


Psychic Hazel x3632 stars Phone Reading

Thx u hazel for shedding some light... I didn’t get a lot of details but the few details she said rang true. I appreciate your honesty ... i know you said not to contact him but I’m so tempted to set him straight but I’ll consider your advice. Again thx u for helping me out.


Psychic Drew x4656 stars Phone Reading

Thx u Drew.


Psychic Aurora x3651 stars Phone Reading

Thx Aurora for the reading today. Initially, I wasn’t in agreement with your assessment of his interest in me. But as the reading progressed, you were right about being cautious and about his duplicitous nature. Thx u for taking the time to explain and even sending me a follow up message... I really appreciated that the most.