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Psychic Atlas x6037

Psychic Atlas x6037

Skilled Astrologer & Psychic

4½ stars

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  • Total Readings
  • 239 since February 2024
  • Specialties: Career Psychic, Intuitive/Empath, Love Psychic, Clairaudient
  • Tools: Astrology, Tarot, Can Read Without Tools, Dowsing, Reiki/Healing
  • Reading Style: Wise

Customer Endorsements Beta

  • Career & Finances - 5
  • Life, Destiny & Meaning - 7
  • Loss & Grieving - 3
  • Love, Relationships & Family - 15

More About Atlas

Years of Experience: 14

Greetings, I'm Atlas, and for the past fourteen years, I've had the privilege of using my psychic gifts to guide and support individuals through life's challenges. From the depths of my being, I feel a profound calling to help others, particularly during their darkest moments. It's a calling that has shaped my journey as an advisor, leading me to touch lives across the globe.

My path as a psychic advisor stems from a lifelong awareness of knowing things beyond explanation, coupled with an unwavering desire to alleviate suffering and bring light into the lives of those in need. I believe wholeheartedly that I am here to fulfill a purpose, to serve as a vessel for the greater good, and to extend my hand to as many souls as possible.

In each reading, I strive to provide clarity, accuracy, and compassion, always tempered with honesty. My goal is not to sugarcoat reality but to offer guidance on the paths available, along with strategies for navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. I am committed to empowering clients to improve their current situations and enhance their overall well-being.

Describing my personality, you might find me discerning yet compassionate, honest yet loving. My reading style is characterized by its honesty, guidance, and encouragement, as I walk alongside my clients on their journey to self-discovery and growth.

What sets me apart is not only my psychic abilities, but also my diverse array of talents and interests. From designing Victorian-styled corsets to sculpting with metal and leather, from creating jewelry to painting, I find joy in artistic expression and creativity. Currently, I am also working on the artwork for my very own tarot deck, blending my intuitive insights with my passion for art.

To my clients, I want you to know that I understand the depths of despair and the struggle to find hope in the midst of adversity. But I also know that within each of us lies the strength to overcome, the capacity to love, and the resilience to endure. So, when you feel hopeless, remember: You've got this. You are worthy of love. And this too shall pass. Though we may not have met, please know that I hold you dearly in my heart.

In closing, know that I am here to guide, support, and uplift you on your journey. Together, we will navigate life's twists and turns, emerging stronger and more empowered than before.

Words of Wisdom

Suffering is indeed a gift, for it is through suffering we are gifted the ability to experience joy.

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4½ stars

17 reviews since Feb 2024

Nuna1111 4/15/2024 stars Phone Reading

Atlas is So fantastic! I really appreciated her ability to see right now and farther down the road. Extremely prolific psychic!

travel123 4/12/2024 stars Chat Reading

I wasn't sure what she was talking about.

Chelsey3393 4/11/2024 stars Phone Reading

Atlas was absolutely amazing, we talked about very hard subjects and she gave me so much insite and comfort on things that have weighed my mind and heart down. I immediately was drawn to her for a reading and im so thankful i did it. From the bottom of my heart atlas thank you

MsBleu 3/30/2024 stars Chat Reading

She was very accurate. I didn't have to give alot of details. Just a name. She described things well. I think she did great.

Icefish 3/23/2024 stars Phone Reading

Atlas is sweet and non judgmental! Her reading is thorough and straight forward!

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