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Psychic Mylie x8974 stars Phone Reading

Picked up on everything accurately, only sorry I didn't have enough funds to finish the reading. Will return!


Psychic Durga x3293 stars Phone Reading

Doesn't allow you to ask questions, specifically stated she doesn't do questions, only messages she gets.


Psychic Orion x9761 stars Chat Reading

He had people and roles backwards, without a doubt he did not connect properly.


Psychic Bethany x3588 stars Phone Reading

She is on point with everything going on and all people involved. I highly suggest trying Bethany, you won't be disappointed!


Psychic Delaney x3573 stars Chat Reading

Unfortunately, she's been inconsistent and vague. More importantly, things she has said, have proven incorrect.


Psychic Leota x3587 stars Phone Reading



Psychic Temperance x3617 stars Phone Reading

Changed reading as more information was given.


Psychic Chanel x3553 stars Phone Reading

This reading was all over the place. Every other sentence contradicted the other.. way too late in the reading, with too much $ already gone, the story changed.


Psychic Bethany x3588 stars Phone Reading

She told me I was going to get the job and I did!


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Psychic Victoria x3357 stars Chat Reading

After reading Victoria's reviews, which are great, I decided to try her. Unfortunately, my experience was not the same. The response to my question didn't align with other readings or with my own gut, however, that did not mean she was incorrect, therefore, I asked other questions to find out if she was connected to me prior to moving forward with the reading. The additional questions I already knew the answers to, she answered them incorrectly. She was given lucrative information regarding the 2 things asked, there was no trickery. Furthermore, her reviews state she is fast in chat...that is far from what happened in my reading. She was not fast in her responses and as I asked other questions to determine if she was really connected to me, she continued with adjectives and information I would never know the truth on regarding the original questions I had moved on from.