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Psychic Nina x3558 stars Phone Reading

Love your energy and felt everything resonated. Thank you for laying out the paths to my choices, I have coming ahead. I am going to go mediate and let it flow. Talk to you soon! Oxox


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Psychic Therese x7215 stars Chat Reading

Spendy, but good. I wish I could see more choices. Thank you


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Psychic Leota x3587 stars Phone Reading

Thank you


Psychic Mikey x4771 stars Chat Reading

Kind, great communication and nice outcome.


Psychic Crystal x8074 stars Phone Reading

Crystal is amazing! Tunes right in looking forward to seeing everything come to fruition. I will let you know.


Psychic Leena x7951 stars Phone Reading

Sorry I got cut off! I added money as you were reading but the system didn’t update till after I hung up. I am back in line lol Leena is right on! She even gave me homework to work on within myself as I wait patiently for things to unfold! Thanks again talk to you soon!


Psychic Jude x3012 stars Phone Reading

He has a different style, but right on key. I will see how his timing turns out. The way he picks up on things and brings up objects or visions he sees were totally relevant to my reading. His Scottish/Irish? Accent helps tune in too ;) Nice voice. Lol Great Reading!!!


Psychic Sonata x7581 stars Phone Reading

Well where do I start? Sonata is the real deal first off!!! My go to on here for sure! Many other readers change reading outcomes due to your current energies at that time. Sonata, has been consistent, precise and accurate for me. Tuned right into the whole connection and gave me my options and I asked the outcome to each choice. I know I must follow my heart. She doesn’t have 5 stars for no reason. Give her a try and if the truth hurts don’t leave a bad review, grow from it! That is why we are here ;) Thanks again Sonata


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Psychic Emma x9334 stars Chat Reading

Love Emma accurate and in tune!! Thank you


Psychic Pandoria x9806 stars Phone Reading

Definitely insightful and great guidance! I even had an aha moment as shared what she was picking up on! Tapped into the person I was inquiring about and even picked up on the zodiac sign. Great teacher looking forward to speaking to her again. Thank you!!