Psychic Mikey x4771

Psychic Mikey x4771

Hereditary Psychic Medium


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  • Specialties: Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant
  • Tools: Tarot, Can Read Without Tools, Crystals
  • Reading Style: Direct

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More About Mikey

Years of Experience: 22

Since the age of 18, I have been a professional psychic and have worked extensively for private clients. I have an extensive background in mediumship, tarot reading, and spiritual counseling. My practice has involved the investigation of home hauntings, spiritual attachments to places and people, helping to locate missing people, and providing home blessings.

As a psychic and medium, I have historical affiliations with Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands and Barbados on both sides of my family tree. 

When I was living in Florida, I had gone on a ghost tour with a few friends. The tour leader was well versed in the history and there were some famous spots that we were able to visit. The tour leader was talking about a famous hotel that is notoriously haunted, due to a crime that occurred on the property, that was never solved. When the Tour guide told us the story, I blurted out who had committed the crime after hearing it. I also blurted out everything that came into my head about what we were doing during the rest of the tour. . Upon leaving the catering hall, the Tour Guide just kind of handed the reigns over to me, and safe to say that the rest of the group was both impressed and terrified. I never went back on that tour again.  

Words of Wisdom

To live in the Light, you must understand and accept the Dark

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3 reviews since Jul 2021

Truth61 9/12/2021 stars Chat Reading

Unfortunately no connection. Nice person and kind but way off on descriptions of people and situation.

Mikey replied...

I'm sorry that we didn't connect as much as I would've liked. Unfortunately, that does happen sometimes. We all have off days but I did think you were lovely and I sincerely hope everything works out with you! xoxo

natashaN 8/29/2021 stars Chat Reading

First time reading with Mikey. I found her wonderful. Would like to see how things unfold and come back. Thanks Mikey :)

Mikey replied...

I found YOU to be wonderful, love! I would LOVE to hear how everything progresses going forward for you! Please keep me posted! You're so welcome!

Carmen65 8/24/2021 stars Chat Reading

I just loved it plain and simple.

Mikey replied...

My friend with the BEAUTIFUL energy! I was so happy to read for you! I hope it put a smile on your face like it did mine! Remember what I said, Trust yourself. Everything else will be a breeze!

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