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Psychic Marie x7394 stars Phone Reading

Hello Marie, I appreciate you going a little depth about me and my person of interest. I hope what you said comes to fruition. It will give me a chance to speak my peace to this person. And I look forward to the new person. Thanks M


Psychic Zetta x3611 stars Phone Reading

Zetta was good. Seem very confident about predictions. Her prediction is a few months off. .


Psychic Nova x3615 stars Phone Reading

First time I spoke with Nova (July 16th) she said I would hear from an employer within 3-4 weeks. July 28th I received a congratulatory email for employment. I officially begin on August 3rd. She said 3 weeks/ I start Aug. 3rd. It was the 3. Very good. Just waiting on other predictions. So I’ll leave 4/5. Very impressive.


Psychic Shandra x8225 stars Phone Reading

Don’t know if I believe her prediction. But we will see. Didn’t quite enjoy reading.


Psychic Nova x3615 stars Phone Reading

Nova was very nice and confident. Told me very good news. She said six weeks give or take 3 to 4 days. I will report back to her. She also said about 3 weeks about another area of my life. I will speak on details if all unfolds as she says.


Psychic Seraphina x9023 stars Phone Reading

Seraphina timeline didn’t come to fruition. It’s been over a week as to when she said something will happen. However, I know timelines can be off but this is the second time something didn’t materialize with her.


Psychic Ginger x3037 stars Phone Reading

I felt Ginger was honest in her approach in analyzing my situation with a love interest. I believe she was correct in her assessment about him. She said he will reach out this weekend. It was July 3rd when I spoke with her. He reached out about 2 hours later, but there wasn’t any dialogue. Hoping we will have dialogue later this weekend.


Psychic Constance x3388 stars Phone Reading

Constance stated he will send a message that will offer us seeing each other again the next morning, but it was the opposite. But it happens. Our first reading which was a week ago she was spot on. However, I believe what she stated will still happen eventually. Time will tell.


Psychic Constance x3388 stars Phone Reading

Constance hit the nail on the head about live interest about his feelings and wanting to see me. Although things are complicated between she was correct about that.


Psychic Radha x3490 stars Phone Reading

Radha has good insight and offer good advice about chants. I have used one and it appears to be working. And I have always been skeptical about chants and sorts. I prefer prayer because I believe deeply in The power of God. The things you said about love interest have some validity. Thank you