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Psychic Jenicka x9859 stars Phone Reading

I felt a much needed sense of relief and peace after reading with Jenicka. I am forever grateful for her. She saw the good in me at a time when friends and family members are really putting me down lately. She was able to explain so much about my relationship without me saying much at all. I highly recommend Jenicka!!


Psychic Jasmine x3354 stars Chat Reading

I was totally confused about the information provided...guess I just didn't understand...the reading cleared up nothing for me and didn't answer any of my questions.


Psychic Sadia x8659 stars Phone Reading

Sadia is the best! Like others have said, there's no comparison to other advisors. She has helped me more than I could have asked for. It's such a privilege to have her help and her loving care and concern for what is best for you. She gives you her complete attention and focus which is so hard to find even in a good friend. She deserves nothing but happiness. She also inspires me to want to be as loving a person as she is. All my thanks to her.


Psychic Karenna x7924 stars Phone Reading

Karenna has been helpful, kind, insightful and a very valuable resource/source of guidance for me. I value her advice and definitely recommend her! 5 stars !


Psychic Eliza x7896 stars Phone Reading

I really appreciate Eliza, her guidance has helped me so much in dealing with relationship challenges. She is really cool and very sweet and is so confident in the information she provides. Highly recommend her. Only advice it helps to be prepared with what you specifically want to ask : )


Psychic Sadia x8659 stars Phone Reading

Sadia is truly the best! So glad to have found her. Highly recommend. .I'll be back, and much thanks, CG)


Psychic Sadia x8659 stars Phone Reading

Easily 5 stars, Sadia so great to talk with!! Honest and loving. Only problem is I was feeling guilty about making others wait to get on! But you just have to wait and it's worth it. Sadia, I think the tough part was Oliver passing only 4 days after Dr.D left, not like it was a few months, just compounded the emotions. Looking forward to being able to ask a few more questions...back in line :)) C.


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Psychic Ronnie x3077 stars Chat Reading

So happy to have connected with Ronnie! She has already made a difference for me with one chat reading and the type of advisor I've really needed in order to think spiritually and move forward through a challenging time. I very much appreciate her guidance and am sure I will call her again. Highly recommend!


Psychic Abela x9518 stars Chat Reading

Abela is my favorite advisor. Very comforting to speak with especially when you're feeling troubled. She's kind, acknowledges your concerns, at the same time advises with confidence and connects quickly to the situation.


Psychic Olivia x3005 stars Phone Reading

Olivia was great to speak with. She immediately has become one of my favorite advisors. Very kind, helpful, compassionate and really seemed to connect with what is going on with me. Also, gave thoughtful advice. Thanks so much, Olivia.