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Psychic Ricky x8106 stars Phone Reading

I LOVE Ricky! Unfortunately, none of his predictions have come to pass for me in the past year. Maybe it takes more time? I don’t know. But his demeanor is awesome. I’m not a chronic caller type person who needs friendly support at $12 a minute- I have friends for that sort of thing— otherwise I’d give Ricky 5 stars. Only, I call looking for accurate predictions, that’s all. So, I’ll wait to see if predictions come true and return for a review, but as of now the one thing I call for has not been satisfying. Love talking to you, Ricky, and I hope your predictions come true at some point. I can’t think of why I’d call back otherwise, so fingers crossed!


Psychic Cory x7690 stars Phone Reading

I specifically called Cory the other day because of all the “psychics” I’ve talked to (3 to be exact) they have given nothing but positive predictions for me witmy POI, with time frames, and months after the end of those time frames not one prediction has come to pass. I contacted Cory to find out the real deal and she told me in no uncertain terms. That’s exactly what I needed! She also gave me advice on how to deal, for myself, with the actual situation and broke it down in terms that (as a Psychologist) I truly understand. Since my reading with Cory I’ve stepped up my self care and healing efforts to move on without the hope of my POI suddenly becoming the person I need him to be and feel much better! Thank you Cory for telling it like it is and caring more about my healing and future happiness than my becoming a chronic caller because I’m waiting for something that will never happen to come to pass.


Psychic Ricky x8106 stars Phone Reading

Hmmmm, I had a reading with Ricky couple months ago in which he said I’d hear from my POI by early 2020. He gave a date if sometime in Feb, but didn’t pinpoint it. Ricky read the details of my situation dead on! It was as if he’d talked to my POI. Unfortunately, nothing he predicted has come to pass. That’s totally cool with me. I know this is all guesswork, but I sure was hoping he was right! Nevertheless, it was a pleasure to speak with him. He’s awesome!


Psychic Carly x3151 stars Phone Reading

Carly was quick and to the point. Didn’t waste my time or money. Unfortunately, her prediction that I’d hear from my POI in February didn’t pan out. I know time frames are difficult, so I waited til nearly the end of March. But still no predicted outcome


Psychic Ricky x8106 stars Phone Reading

Ricky... He’s a Psychicsourse super star for a reaon.


Psychic Carly x3151 stars Phone Reading

Carly was quick and to the point. She picked up on important details and didn’t waste my money with extraneous chatter. She told me what I needed to know and it sounded right! I believe her. Her prediction is a couple months away, but my gut tells me she’s right. If she’d given me a quick time frame, that would have been false. My POI is a S L O W moving dude. I know that. And Carly did too! Thank you!


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Psychic Therese x7215 stars Phone Reading

Today is the day Therse said my POI would contact me. It hasn’t happened. But for the past two weeks I’ve been less anxious and bothered because of her reading. Therese is kind and quick to pick up on details that no one else sees. I value that. Of course I’m disappointed that the prediction didn’t come to pass, but hope is a dangerous. I would have been delighted to hear from my POI, but having the day pass without hearing from him at least relieves me of hope. Now I can move on. If not for a specific time frame I would have been wondering for months. So, thank you Therese for giving me a point of focus! I I will always treasure the weeks of hope that allowed me to focus on my work and life. Therese, you gave me that, so THANK YOU!!


Psychic Jimmy x8346 stars Phone Reading

Nope. I’m sure Jimmy is a great person, but what he forecast didn’t sound like my POI at all (He’ll get in touch and we’ll be living together soon after”) Jimmy failed to pick up on the fact that my POI is married on paper (though separated) to a gold digger who’d sooner see him dead than with someone else and he happily plays into her psychosis. So, no, his prediction didn’t pan out. But that’s not entirely his fault. No one can predict what someone else will do. It’s not possible.


Psychic Sammie x8496 stars Phone Reading

Sammie was quick and to the point. Picked up on things without my having to give information. She asked what I wanted to know and got straight to the answer. Would definitely call again!


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Psychic Ricky x8106 stars Phone Reading

I've been reluctant to give a review because of that old saying, "If you love your life out loud it will break"... But, I have to chime in now to say that so far Ricky has been spot on about my current love interest. He said on June 4th we'd see each other in 10 days. To the exact day, we saw each other. He also said there would be more communication and the quality would improve. So it has! Additionally, he said that that the guy in question had the intention of getting with me and staying with me. The other day we went out and had a great time. At one point during the evening he literally said, "I'm here to stay". I'm looking forward to the final prediction coming true (in January). Thank you Ricky! Your upbeat attitude and wisdom have allowed me to have faith and a calm knowing where otherwise I might have ruined the relationship out of anxiety. Thank you, thank you! His rate is high, but on the plus side, you only need to call once in a while and just wait for what he sees to unfold. For me, so far, it has!