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Psychic Juliette x9440 stars Chat Reading

I have mixed feelings. The connection seemed good but I feel the reading ends up not helping or answering for what I needed. I feel this was accurate but lacking in direction for me.


Psychic Nixie x4809 stars Phone Reading

Not just spot on, but what a true connection and understanding. Clear and straight forward. You took the time to ensure I understand each turn. Thank you, you do know how much this impacted everything I am working to understand.


Psychic Sofia x7965 stars Phone Reading

Enjoyed the discussion, made a very quick connection and all answers were clear.


Psychic Faye x4657 stars Chat Reading

My first time using the chat feature and i did not make a good connection


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Psychic Aviva x3276 stars Phone Reading

Truly no connection here. Aviva seemed to be telling me what I wanted to hear and no real depth to the conversation. Sorry but this was not a quality experience.


Psychic Alexa x3514 stars Phone Reading

This reading was not what I anticipated, I was disappointed.


Psychic Alexa x3514 stars Phone Reading

Thank you, very helpful


Psychic Alexa x3514 stars Phone Reading

Great connection, great reading, thank you


Psychic Jennifer x8492 stars Phone Reading

There was little to no detail and I am more confused.