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Psychic Sabrina x3429 stars Chat Reading

Thank you - you picked up on my situation very well and were really quick in the chat! I felt like I got good info for the time I spent! I appreciate it


Psychic Kallie x3478 stars Chat Reading

She is very good! Really picks up on a situation very well!


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Psychic Moira x7776 stars Video Reading

I didn't have to tell her much! She just started telling me the situation rather than me telling her! Give me a lot of confidence in what she has to say! And I enjoyed the video format! Thank you!


Psychic Cory x7690 stars Phone Reading

She is very caring. Went above and beyond to make sure I got the information I needed. Thank you, Cory!


Psychic Oscar x3561 stars Phone Reading

Really and interesting reader! And super accurate!


Psychic Sadia x8659 stars Phone Reading

She picked up on information really well and was able to tell me things that she couldn't have known. Very Impressed & Hopeful! !


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Psychic Anthony x8064 stars Phone Reading

I just finished a reading with him a little bit ago. He is such an interesting reader, and explains things so well. His insights and words have a way of sticking with you. AND! He has always been very accurate. One of my favorites. Highly recommend Anthony!


Psychic Crystal x8074 stars Video Reading

Very fun - I loved doing the video call with you!! Wish I had longer! Thank you!


Psychic Dyanne Marie x8876 stars Phone Reading

She is good!


Psychic Raina x3342 stars Chat Reading

Very strong