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Psychic Wanda x4867 stars Phone Reading

Wow! I only gave Wanda a name and she was off and running. She doesn't ask leading questions. She just knows. I will definitely be calling her again for another reading. Give her a try. You won't be disappointed.


Psychic Rebecca x4755 stars Phone Reading

Rebecca was very nice but the things she said were not correct. I know not every reading is 100% but this reading was off. Maybe she connects better with other people.


Psychic Veronica x4739 stars Phone Reading

I enjoyed the reading and will read with Veronica again. Her predictions are the same as what another trusted advisor has told me.


Psychic Jenny x4737 stars Phone Reading

Never answered my question. Just gave advice.


Psychic Dawn x9187 stars Phone Reading

I enjoyed the reading. Dawn's predictions were in step with another local trusted advisor who I've read with for years. She is the real deal.


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Psychic Naomi x3628 stars Phone Reading

She didn't answer my question. I wanted to know what job opportunities would be coming. The only thing she said was I would have a male boss in a business background. The rest of the reading was giving advice on how to find a job. I know how to find a job. I know how to use LinkedIn forward and backward. I took classes on it. I'm already getting a ton of interviews. So I am already getting noticed. So I asked again and she still didn't answer the question and got a little snarky. So she again repeated how to find a job. I'm not paying for advice. If you don't see a job coming then you should say that and not use up minutes. If you saw the male boss then expand on the details of the position - that's what I wanted to know. I expect more for $8.75 per minute. I never received a solid prediction from her. Not psychic.


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Psychic Onyx x4744 stars Phone Reading

Onyx was very nice but I felt like it was strictly a Tarot reading. And she just kept telling me to manifest what I want. It was more advice than predictions. And was telling me about my past. I know my past. I wanted to know about my future.


Psychic Dove x9988 stars Phone Reading

Dove is very gifted. She picks up on things quickly and gave me the same prediction as another trusted advisor I've had readings with over the years. I will definitely call Dove again.


Psychic Sofia x7965 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Sofia. I enjoyed the reading. Everything made sense. I'll definitely be calling back for a follow-up reading.