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Psychic Amy x7886 stars Phone Reading

Opposite happened, POI doesn't want to be with me. He confirmed that he wants to move on.


Psychic Sammie x8496 stars Phone Reading

She was absolutely right on how POI felt about me and our situation. Waiting on prediction for later in the summer to pass. She was right for me in the past over the years on 2 different relationships that ended.


Psychic Lexi x8036 stars Phone Reading

Opposite happened. POI doesn't want to be with me.


Psychic Arthur x8237 stars Phone Reading

Right about how POI was feeling about me, but POI said he isn't gonna come back and he didn't pick up on another girl he's talking to.


Psychic Ursula x9927 stars Phone Reading

She saw he is talking to someone else.


Psychic Shannon x9081 stars Phone Reading

I gave Shannon another try because we all have our off days and she's always been pretty accurate in the past. Well she told me my ex would call me and be more kind and he did call last night! We had a good talk and we'll see what happens in the future. I'm hoping things pan out for the next couple weeks and summer prediction. Thank you Shannon!


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Psychic Shannon x9081 stars Phone Reading

Shannon was right even though I had doubts!! Its unfolding just as she said! My poi wants to go slow just as predicted and he does love me!! Omg! Thank you Shannon! I'm so glad I found you! Try her!!!


Psychic Jimmy x8346 stars Phone Reading

Wrong about all predictions for this reading. :(


Psychic Shannon x9081 stars Phone Reading

Wrong about my ex surprising me and wanting to see me. The exact opposite happened. He actually broke up with me later that night and hasn't wanted to see me yet. I guess me and Shannon didn't connect? She's really sweet and was always right in the past so I don't know what happened.


Psychic Ivanka x3372 stars Phone Reading

No connection.