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Psychic Melody x7909 stars Phone Reading

Super sharp and picks up on people and environments without excessive details. She knows a great deal about the corporate world and tunes in super fast. She’s positive and not punitive. No mention of karma or patterns - and focuses solely on your options and what lies ahead. Brilliant reader! She’s got a PhD, too! Love her.


Psychic Ava x6013 stars Phone Reading

she's quite possibly the best reader on this site for work issues, self-improvement and seeing into the agenda of others. she knew my boss' boss was a male with the letter J in his name and she provided viusual cues and parallels to my intricate work life. she's my new go-to! 100 stars!


Psychic Pandora x4908 stars Phone Reading

Phenomenal! She downloads information like spouting a verbal dossier! Incredible! Needed a glance at career paths since I’m working two jobs and she picked up on coworkers, opportunities, dynamics and more!


Psychic Rosey x4726 stars Phone Reading

She is absolutely fantastic and connects very quickly. Her prediction came through the very next day that one of my clients would not continue services and fluctuate back-and-forth and that occurred. I also had a very promising interview with another company and she called the outcome of that interview precisely.


Psychic Ramezia x4813 stars Phone Reading

She is lightning fast and I could not believe how quickly she connected with my uncle and literally passed away this morning. She immediately said my nickname that he used to call me and then she gave details that I had not provided. Usually spirits do not communicate this soon after they cross over but he had been sick for a while and he struggled with being in his decrepit body. She gave us such hope and cheer today that I pass on to my entire family in mourning. Thank you so much!


Psychic Sapphire x3149 stars Phone Reading

Highly insightful, intuitive and spot on. She read a troubled family member accurately and provided understanding. It’s difficult when family lashes out and Sapphire nailed the intentions and emotions of this individual to cause further harm.


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Psychic Zaria x4773 stars Phone Reading

Incredible! Boy can she channel! She’s so super fast and spot on! Excellent! No sugar coating-she knew I have intuitive gifts and how to sharpen them and the work I need to do! Thank you!!!


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Psychic Nicholas x3532 stars Phone Reading

He connected directly to my brother and offered messages about my family, career, and marriage which I didn’t provide. He’s aces and super talented.


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Psychic Ophiuchus x3625 stars Phone Reading

I was so blessed to get Ophichus. He tuned in immediately. Our babysitter was approached in our neighborhood park by an odd man and I had a sixth sense to drive by the park and witnessed the guy trying to contact them both. Ophiuchus said that my spirit guides were looking out and I mentioned my deceased brother. He immediately described him and told me I was being warned to dismiss this blase and cavalier sitter who will invite a young man into her life that will bring chaos. She's not mentally thinking clearly and my toddler had more sense of imminent danger! He mentioned that my brother is my daughter's guardian angel and as long as this sitter is looking after my daughter, I will continue to get alarm bells and anxiety. My brother said I need to put my daughter first and not be as concerned with dismissing the sitter and of her feelings. I'm in graduate school and being mindful of feelings comes with the territory of working toward my master's in marriage and family therapy. He nailed it. THANK YOU.


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Psychic Delfina x9724 stars Phone Reading

Phenomenal!!! Tuned in immediately and knew exactly what was going on with my social situation, my husband’s professional life, my career, and our daughter. She knew that my sister was not willing to connect because of influences in her social group. She nailed my toddler’s personality and strengths. She is spot on and quick! One of the best.