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Psychic Annaleigh x9812 stars Phone Reading

Excellent reading and conversation. Quickly picked up my POI is fickle and doesn't really know what he wants right now; doesn't want to hurt me, scared of commitment but truly in love with me. I would say certain things in relation to my situation and she would call me out, but in a good way, like a parent - with love. Her insight helped me gain greater clarity in how to better our connection and be there for him during this difficult physical distance.


Psychic Laveau x4894 stars Chat Reading

Kind reader; quickly picked up on the situation. Said it would be at least six months before he would be ready to pursue anything with me due to the instability and fluidity of his current situation. Assured me he has feelings for me. Thank you.


Psychic Radha x3490 stars Phone Reading

Excellent reading. Radha is passionate about helping her customers and spreading the light. Quick with cards. Be ready with your questions!! Wonderful source of spiritual/metaphysical information like law of attraction. BE READY! A lot of information in a short amount of time!!


Psychic Davina x4898 stars Chat Reading

Quick and on point. She sees things getting better once he's back stateside and has a bit more physical stability in his life (no more rotation/moving around). Possible change in career that will allow him to create that stability because he does want to set down roots. Since time is fluid, time will tell, but I'm hopeful!


Psychic Carly x3151 stars Phone Reading

Always quick and to the point! Her timelines have been spot on in the past, so I'm hoping these upcoming predictions are the same :)


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Psychic Carly x3151 stars Chat Reading

I spoke to Carly on Wednesday, July 6. She said I would hear from my specific person by the weekend and I heard from him on Thursday, July 7 in the morning! I have found Carly's timelines to be very accurate. Very impressed!


Psychic Eden x4870 stars Phone Reading

Another phenomenal reading from Eden!! I love her style - she tells you what cards are pulled and explains what they mean in layman's terms in relation to what you are calling about. Her readings are clear, concise, in-depth, and on-point. I have not been disappointed yet!


Psychic Sienna x4884 stars Phone Reading

This was my first reading with Sienna! What a great reading!! She was able to pick up VERY DETAILED energy about my situation just using me and my specific person's birthday!! I was blown away at the detail and intricacy of the reading. MUST CALL HER!!


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Psychic Vontessa x3623 stars Phone Reading

This was my first reading with Vontessa. Her energy is very soothing. She is a good listener, sweet, kind, and empathetic. My reading with her was on point and detailed. Give her a try!


Psychic Kay x7102 stars Phone Reading

FANTASTIC AND ROBUST. I felt like I was talking to one of my aunt's - warm and friendly. Easy to talk to. She immediately knew my person does 180 degrees sometimes. Immediately jumped into the solution, "What can we do to trigger him to grow up faster?" Great insights into my person, gave me insight into my personality as well and how it's impacting our relationship. Gave advice on what I could do to bring him closer to me based on him personally (not generic advice) and we even got in to the topic of energy healing modalities for some trauma I need to clear.