Psychic Amora x4762

Psychic Amora x4762

Psychic Medium


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  • Specialties: Psychic Medium, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant
  • Tools: Can Read Without Tools, Reiki/Healing
  • Reading Style: Thoughtful

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  • Career & Finances - 4
  • Life, Destiny & Meaning - 5
  • Loss & Grieving - 1
  • Love, Relationships & Family - 10

More About Amora

Years of Experience: 20

I am a reiki master and a born psychic medium.  From childhood, I've been in tune with people's vibration, knowing instantly if they were happy or sad; and I often knew what others were thinking without being told.  My dream life was rich and informative, and I'd often have precognizant dreams of things to happen in the future, even if they didn't involve me.   All that information left me feeling overwhelmed sometimes...until I took Spiritual Insight Training Classes at Lily Dale NY.

There, I learned the tools of spiritual boundaries, and how to 'open the veil'  only with permission, and how to close the veil after reading was over. I learned how to allow only information for the highest good, highest love, and highest wisdom of humanity.  All superfluous 'noise' fell to the wayside. 

When reading for a client, I tune in to their breath, as the exhale allows me into their spiritual vibration.  With permission, I tune into my client's "Book of You".   There, using clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities, I access their story, on  physical, mental and spiritual levels.  I address their personal team, made up of angels, guides, and passed loved ones that may have valuable information for the client.  Whether we are tackling love, family, career, or spiritual issues, I work to unsnarl confusion and provide a clear path forward for my clients.  Some clients come while trying to deal with trauma and past life issues.  I work kindly, gently, and pause to make sure that my clients can understand the information that comes forth.

I have helped hundreds of clients find peace, understanding and hope for the future.  I'd love to read your "Book of You" in the future.

Blessings to you.   Amora ex.4762

Words of Wisdom

We are spiritual beings living in physical bodies; remember who made us and our true potential.

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14 reviews since Jul 2021

Skresch813 9/9/2021 stars Chat Reading


Amora replied...

Thank you for the wonderful rating Stephanie. I was happy to read for you and put worries to rest! Blessings!

HeidiLynn 9/7/2021 stars Phone Reading

Amora, as always, has been a wonderful source of support and guidance for me in my life. I am going through a lot right now and she has given me some hope.

Amora replied...

Heidi, thank you for the wonderful review! You've been so strong...I'll send reiki to help support you! Trust your inner wisdom. Blessings.

stardbeach9 9/2/2021 stars Phone Reading

She is a MUCH slower reader than what I am used to. Gave good advice on moving forward. If what you are seeking is TOOLS to clear your energy and law of attraction, Amora is good for that. Otherwise not sure I would use her for predictions however.....

Amora replied...

Thank you for your feedback. I work through the team that you bring into the reading. Those angels and guides are as real as bringing a group of people with you into the room. Some will want to give up information more quickly than others. A good choice for you when you need lots of info but only have three minutes might be a psychic who can do a quick tarot spread. That can show information without waiting for your guides. Blessings!

HeidiLynn 9/2/2021 stars Phone Reading

Insightful and honest as usual. Thank you for the positive pep talk. I am learning to have faith slowly.

Amora replied...

Dearest Heidi, I was so happy to give you the pep talk. We're only human, after all...and that's why we're put on earth to help each other. Have faith, and I'll send reiki for the good outcome in the future. Blessings!

HeidiLynn 9/1/2021 stars Phone Reading

Amora was excellent in her read into my situation. She have me beautiful messages and I am so grateful I talked with her. She helped me see things from a different perspective and helped me find direction and peace.

Amora replied...

Heidi, it is always such a pleasure to read for you! You have such a good and gracious heart....I feel strongly that GOOD resolutions are coming. Keep the faith, and I'll keep you in my prayers.

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