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Psychic Kristine x8223 stars Phone Reading

She's amazing and patient.


Psychic Kristine x8223 stars Phone Reading

It's so hard for psychics since if others are involved, their free will comes into play. However Kristine and I have been on a 5 year journey together and she has helped me in ways that I can't explain.


Psychic Lexi x8036 stars Phone Reading

Her predictions never change regardless of surrounding circumstances


Psychic Kristine x8223 stars Phone Reading

She is soooo patient with me. No words can express my gratitude


Psychic Sonata x7581 stars Phone Reading

She has been there thru the thick of the storm. "Just a little longer" and what I have been waiting for will be here before the holidays.


Psychic Kristine x8223 stars Phone Reading

She stands by her predictions; never waivers regardless of how much my emotions wax and wane. Truly gifted in so many ways. Talented and accurate. I realize the prediction I am waiting on is in the near future, and even though my mind falters, I have no doubt that things will unfold as she sees.


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Psychic Kristine x8223 stars Phone Reading

No matter what I'm feeling, her predictions never change!


Psychic Bridgette x8133 stars Phone Reading

Keen seer.


Psychic Moira x7776 stars Phone Reading

5 stars. Have to wait until November before I see anything significant


Psychic Jimmy x8346 stars Phone Reading

I love Jimmy. However his predictions haven't come true. He kept saying the poi would show up on my doorstep in 1-3 days but was also getting 5-7. We are 1000 miles apart and I expected a call during those times and nothing happened. Sometimes our connections to certain psychics are stronger than others. I wish he had been right