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Psychic Juliette x9440 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Juliette, I always reach out to you on my low points and you always make me feel better. I hope things will turn around this year. I'll stay positive I really always get such a relief after talking with you. Hope to talk soon and hope to have better all your predictions come true for me in the future Lots of love from your favourite spartan haha


Psychic Juliette x9440 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Juliette, honestly you know everything inside and out! You are truly gifted! Thank you for being so clear and direct, I always feel so much better after talking to you. If anyone is looking for a good reader please look no further.


Psychic Juliette x9440 stars Chat Reading

Thank you again Juliette for the clarity and support that i need in my life. To anyone interested, I highly recommend Juliette as a reader, she is kind, honest and gives direct and clear answers to your questions. Juliette is my go to and everything Juliette predicts for me always comes to fruition. Thank you again Jjuliette and look to chatting to you again in the future xx


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Psychic Juliette x9440 stars Chat Reading

Juliette is a really good reader, she connects really well and gives me accurate advice always, even if I tell her information that is completely opposite to her productions. She stands by what she sees and is really confident in what she says. I asked juliette about a job I applied for and despite the fact there where thousands of applicants for the position she was able to see that I would most likely get the job. Well needless to say I was successful! Even though the odds where not in my favour she was able to see that i would be successful and stood by her production. She is also really good with seeing into my relationship and tells me what the other person is thinking and feeling, even if I give her opposite information she sticks by what she sees. She said my ex would reach out at a certain time and they did. She said they are feeling a certain way and my ex told me the exact way that julieett told me they are feeling. I'm really happy I found juliette, she is so nice and always remembers you and your situation despite talking weeks apart. I really highly recommend juliette and her readings and productions. I'm looking fowerd to the future and for her future productions about me to come to fruition. Thank you so much for everything juliette and looking fowerd to our next chat and hopefully for me telling you some more good news in the future!!


Psychic Kittie x3602 stars Chat Reading

Kittie is really good! She said I would get the job and I did at the time frame she provided! Thank you so much Kittie. I really appreciate it.


Psychic Kallie x3478 stars Chat Reading

I had a reading a few days ago regarding a job I am hoping for, the interview prosses was intense and there where over 6 thousand applicants for the positions. Kallie assured me that I would get the job despite the fact that I addressed some doubts that I had from the final interview. Kallie was really adamant in her conversation that I would get the job, she was super quick to respond and very sure of her answer. She is really friendly and I felt an instant connection to her as she used to be a flight attendant as well. Its funny I found and ex flight attendant psycic to do a reading for me regarding a flight attendant position. Talk about Synchronicity! Anyway I was really worried about it before but how sure and quick to respond kallie was really reassured me. A very confident psychic with a clear and stragtfowerd answer. I am looking fowerd to my reading coming true and receiving the job! Will update in 2 weeks when they said they will get back to me. Thank you kallie will definitely be back.


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Psychic Juliette x9440 stars Chat Reading

I just had a reading with juliette, to be honest I was sceptical about text readings as I was wondering how a psycic can connect to me with out seeing me or physically being close to me, However I feel like juliet connected to me so well and gave me honest and straight to the point information. One thing that really stood out was that she said my ex was jealous and envious of me when he broke up and this is true as he told me himself when we met up last month! He said that he feels almost jealous as I managed to sell my company for such a good price and he failed with his completely.... She also said that we didn't sleep together when we met up for the first time in 2 year due to the fact that he was overwhelmed with both his companys failing and also his life crises, not the fact that he was seeing a new person. And this is actually what he told me as well when I asked him when we met up last month... That's 2 things that juliette relayed back to me that he told me that only he and I can know. Thank you so much for the reading I had to keep asking if everything Juliette was texting me is the truth and not just to be nice to me and make me feel better lol because of the overwhelming circumstances agents me But I believe juliette is gifted and honest she relied things that are actually true that my bf actually told me last month that she couldn't know. Highly recommend! Looking forward to my ex coming back to be in 3 months time dispite the distance and 3rd party in the relationship! Thank you Juliette.