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Psychic Kimberle x8608 stars Phone Reading

I was very fortunate that I came across Kimberle today. She helped me understand my POIs point of view and gave solid advice based on how he perceives things. Thank you.


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Psychic Lexi x8036 stars Phone Reading

Lexi is real! Immediately picked up what’s going on with my love question and did the same with my career question. She’s the person I needed to hear from today. Thank you.


Psychic Vanadis x4781 stars Phone Reading

So glad I came across Vanadis! Immediately, with only my name, she picked up that I was calling because of love and my unmet needs. She knew exactly what was going on between R and I and instead of telling me to move on, she acknowledged that this is something I’m not going to move on from. No matter how hard the situation is, while some tell me to move on, she respected my want to work on this relationship despite what this connection may feel like at this time and provided solutions based on the energy she was picking up. Really appreciate her and her guidance today. Extremely accurate, detailed, quick to pick up info, and very friendly.


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Psychic Raquel x9488 stars Phone Reading

Raquel is amazing. She knows EXACTLY what’s going on, gives GREAT advice and articulates information extremely well. Glad I came across her and when I did.


Psychic Serenity x9213 stars Phone Reading

Serenity picked up right away that I wanted to talk to her about a person. The information flows like a waterfall. Very, very detailed reader. She mentioned that I need to trust, and I hope that I learn how to truly trust in the process.


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Psychic Bridgette x8133 stars Phone Reading

WOW. When I asked her about finances, she immediately said she sees money around me. Then I asked my question, she went straight into “property, Airbnb” and that’s EXACTLY what I’m focused on. I didn’t say ANYTHING specific. Mind blown.


Psychic Donovan x8351 stars Phone Reading

Donovan is an excellent reader. He picked up information right away with just names. With how quick he is to provide information and how specific he is, he is certainly a top notch advisor.


Psychic Barbara x7866 stars Phone Reading

Barbara keeps it real and I’m appreciative of that! She gave me the truth of what I need to be doing: focus on being the best version of myself. She picked up that I have anxiety, depression and that it stems from fear (I am diagnosed with both) without me mentioning that. She also said that what I’m wanting will for sure take time, but will be rewarded as the end result. I’m grateful for her and her reading today as it reminded me of what truly needs focus: the positives that lead to improving myself, working on abandonment issues, watching how I react, and trusting the process. Love her style. Thank you so much!


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Psychic Christopher x3373 stars Phone Reading

Christopher is a very impressive reader. I had a feeling I was going to want to add more dollars before going into this reading, and that feeling was right! He only asked for my name and birthday and went right into it, as if he were in this situation himself. He is suuuper accurate and provides so much quality. It’s nice getting a guys perspective too. Essentially, I need to work on putting my foot down and showing tough love, rather than unconditional love. It was a done deal when he said: he’s not wondering what you’re feeling for him, but you are. Once he said that, it was like an epiphany. All made sense. Not that what he said before didn’t make sense, but that one statement he mentioned before the reading ended gave me so much clarity. I feel like I have a better idea of what I need to do thanks to Christopher. Talk soon!


Psychic Sapphire x3149 stars Phone Reading

So thankful for Sapphire. Had a sleepless night, but she was able to help me remember and understand the spiritual and divine aspect/picture of things. She is excellent and her gift is very powerful. She gives truth to the situation. Thankful that I came across Sapphire today and looking forward to speaking with her again.