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  • Specialties: Energy Healing, Intuitive/Empath, Pet Psychic
  • Tools: Reiki/Healing, Can Read Without Tools, Angel Cards
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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  • Career & Finances - 95
  • Life, Destiny & Meaning - 65
  • Loss & Grieving - 25
  • Love, Relationships & Family - 297

More About Izzy

Years of Experience: 10

I absolutely love helping you thrive. I am committed to your success and happiness. I have been working as an intuitive psychic, energy healer, and beyond for ten years. I read & interpret your energy to guide you through your challenging situations. I shine a light on your unique energy/essence. From my neutral perspective, I help you reach & exceed your goals and find more clarity. Expect success - you are more than worth it! By nature, I am  deeply intuitive and have a variety of spiritual gifts that have been blossoming over time. After I realized that I wanted, needed, and deserved more out of life - I dug deep so I could reach and stretch myself (on a soul level) for alternative options that helped me start the journey out of chronic illness. Through this perspective, I have gained wisdom beyond my years. I am deeply compassionate and can also see the light at the end of the tunnel for myself and you. 

I work with you on a wide variety of topics in your life: relationships, career/money, work/life balance, energy healing, astrology, and more. I can use a variety of tools or use no external tools at all. I am quick and effective with intuitively sensing where you are now and how you can get closer to where you want to be, or just as important- what you need to let go of/release/is standing in your way. This can be with literal/physical goals (getting a new job) or energy/spirit connections (who am I really? how can I make the world a better place?) Just reach out to me where you are today, from a heart and soul level.

Our planet is really changing. We are stepping into a new way of living if we choose to allow it. I light up inside with the power of energy work. This can be healing/Reiki work, or it can be to illuminate your path with less resistance. Reach out to me, and together we can figure out how to be happy, healthy, and full of joyful possibilities. Looking forward to our next conversation! 

Words of Wisdom

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty" -Maya Angelou

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421 reviews since Feb 2016

Featured Review Tigger 4/6/2021 stars Phone Reading

She connected immediately- no birthdates needed! She was very fast and able to relay a ton of information in a little bit of time. I’m so happy to confirm all my hard work and that my energy read so positive! Thank you again!!

Nishitha22 4/7/2021 stars Chat Reading

You made me feel so much better. End of the reading I was smiling and feeling joyful. I am thankful that I spoke to you today.

sweetipiee23 4/6/2021 stars Phone Reading

Gave her another try because her previous prediction that I would move 2 times had panned out! However, my most desired prediction is having the person contact me which kept moving further away but this time I believe her now. She said that he will contact me in the future sometime next week by April and won't want to be with me. But he will come back soon later and will want to give it a try again and it will be my decision whether I want to keep or end the marriage. Thank you for your help. I pray all you said comes true but I love talking to you, you are very kind.

greatmom 4/1/2021 stars Phone Reading

Izzy keeps me grounded and out of the anxiety zone. Everything she says is so on target that I am comforted with her words. Thank you Izzy!

Thatgirl185 4/1/2021 stars Phone Reading

Oh my GOD...I love her! Exactly what I needed, a huge boost, gave great tips for clearing and moving energy. Just a joy! Sees things clearly, honestly. Fantastic!

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